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Exercise, resistance training


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Hey everyone, I'm new here so sorry if I'm posting on old subjects. I was wondering what exercise people do with the different stages of CD? When I was doing LL I was told not to do anyyy exercise at all or my legs will fall off or something.. but I ignored them.. Ive been doing a weight training regime and have got quite muscularly (for a girl!)
what kind of workouts have you been doing? and what do you eat (if more than just foodpacks) Thanks
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At the moment I've been doing cardio i.e. zumba, metabolic and spin but I also try to do some resistance with power pump. Its really tough going though as I'm on Week 3 of SS.
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There is much much conflicting advice regarding exercise and CD, both on here an from the councelors themselves it seems. There have been a few posts on this forum lately that say if you exercise your body will eat itself from inside out or something along those lines. I personally did not do any exercise at all the first 8 weeks on ss, but that's mainly because I wasn't doing any exercise before CD :)

It seems to be individual - if you can handle the exercise - i.e. it doesn't make you sick or weak or anything - there's probably no reason to give it up now, you'll just go all flabby! If you've been exercising up to now I wouldn't stop. I started out walking 3ish miles a day and now I've bumped myself up to ss+ (3 packs plus a 200 cal meal) and I've started the 30 day shred, a 20 minute intensive workout dvd that I'm happy I've chosen to do (well, 2 days down and 28 to go if I live to tell about it tee hee). So far I feel fine, my legs haven't fallen off and I haven't noticed any flesh or muscle eating being done from the inside out....

I like chicken breast in any way shape or form, so that's my staple along with my 30g of green or white veg - had lamb's lettuce today cuz it seems you're getting a giant plateful:D


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Hi there,

I do British Military Fitness classes 3/4 times a week, with the odd 4 mile run and a bit of Zumba thrown in! I always exercised like a lunatic before I started (even ran the marathon last year) so wasn't anything I wasn't used to! But in exercise days I always eat my three packs before I do anything and I add a tsp of almond butter to a shake before I go for extra energy ( high protein, low carb, low fat, yummy!) and then had a ss+ meal when I get home, and always try to drink at least another litre if water over the day. Seems to work for me, I'm starting to look quite toned and lost 1st 13 in first month. Definitely not losing muscle x
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I thnk the main thing is that if you didn't exercise before CD then you probably shouldn't start until you're on at least Ss+ if not 810.

If you're a fitness fanatic then you only need to leave it for the first couple of weeks and realise that you might have to do a bit less exercise or eat a bit more to cope.

People have found that exercising reduces the weight loss speed but i imagine it increases the inches loss so i'd say not a problem just be aware of it!


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S: 14st7lb G: 9st12lb
Thanks for the replies, its nice to hear of other peoples experiences. I am pleased with the flexibility of CD, if I have a particularly busy day then I can add in some protein.
I think I'll just go easy at the gym in first few weeks.
In LL I was doing v light cardio and weight lifting, I kept my heart rate down and didnt exhaust myself and it was fine. I think it made my losses slow down -but deffo helped me keep the weight off, despite my LL counsellor telling me not to go.


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Hi meoww - I did LL too - how odd - there were a load of us that did Body Pump on the old LL forum (that was a few years back though before all the medical stuff got quite serious) Do what feels right for you, drop your weights if necessary, but I have put on a spot of muscle in 20 weeks of CD - anything that happens from this point doesn't really count as I am now eating about 900cals a day. I have a few house rules (for me, you'll have your own!) - no running for longer than 30 mins on SS, no exercise apart from walking that lasts longer than 45 mins. Drink a litre of water 30 mins before any activity. Also, I'm a hill walker and I dropped the average gradient of my walks in the first three months of SS - I didn't do any more than one medium climb in a walk, didn't walk further than 13 miles in a day - that way I felt safe and within my limits.

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