Exercise & weight gain?


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Hi there,

I'm nearing losing half a stone and I feel comfortable enough to get back to doing some lane swimming & also I am going to start a training schedule for the ladies 10K in Glasgow.

Now, I've read a bit here and there, but I am worried that if I start doing some exercise that I will get a muscle build up = weight gain? Is that correct?

Because I know if I start exercising again and go to WI and see a gain I will be really disheartened.

Will it really affect my weight? Will I still see losses?

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Hi Susan, even if you were doing hard core weight training, as a female it is very difficult to gain muscle mass - there is a very common myth that weight training as a women will make you muscly and bulky, we just dont have the testosterone to make the gains that men can. On average, a woman who is weight training can expect to gain between 0.5 -1 lb in muscle mass a month (and you would have to be eating the right mix of protein/carbs/fat, as well as enough calories) so I really wouldnt worry about it - swimming will tone you up, give you a great cardio workout and will help your weight loss and your health! go for it! x x x


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In my opinion you will not gain weight. It takes a LOT of exercise to build enough muscle to gain weight, after all a pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle!
I've just posted a similar thread explaining that the health benefits are much more important than the extra pounds and tbh, the weight is not going to fall off much faster really.
Sometimes people find when they start exercising they sts for a week as the body retains water for a bit but it soon sorts itself out. Take your measurements and stick to the plan and you'll not only be lighter but more toned and healthier too!


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I find when I start exercising regularly (after being a couch potato for a bit!) that I either don't lose or only small amounts for a month or so. BUT I really shed inches and tho I'm just over a stone over my target ,my measurements have already gone down to what I was (at a stone lighter if you get what I mean)
It's important not to get hung up on the scales. Get your tape measure out as that will give you a real visual idea of how your body is changing.


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When I first started exercising I gained 1lb but lost 2% fat. That was good enough for me! you have to be prepared to gain some muscle and you may retain some water when you first start. This will pass very quickly though. The benefits far outweigh anything else so it's not worth worrying about. Make sure you take your measurements before so you can see the difference. Also it's good to maintain your exercise levels and be consistent


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what about the fluid gain when exercising? iv been told that if you ache after exercising thwn your muscles will get surrounded by fluid which will result in a weight gain.


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
Yes your muscles will hold a certain amount of water after exercise. Plus whatever you take in. I will give you an example: I weighed myself before I went training tonight, when I got home I went to the toilet then weighed again. 3lb heavier! I would never reccommend exercising before WI!


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As Taz says above don't excercise just before WI. I know people think that going to the gym or doing 20 lengths just before WI should be helpful, but your muscles will still be holding extra fluid.
I don't do and heavy exercise for 24 hours before WI.