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Exercise-what motivates you to do it?

I am struggling with the exercise side of things. Thought I'd start a thread about exercise. I think we could all post about what exercise we're doing, how we're finding it, give tips. :)

I'm doing Davina McCall's Body Buff at the moment and walking, used to pretty fit but my fitness level has fallen..:(

But never mind, I've started again and so far, so good! :D
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I've bought a couple of pilates dvds, some weights, resistance bands and got my exercise mat at lunchtime so I've got no excuses now!! Plan is soon as i get home from work change into exercise clothing stick dvd on and hopefully get the full 50 minutes of exercise in b4 my other half gets home. I refuse to work out in front of him whilst I'm wobbly and flabby lol


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That made me laugh, as it's usually exactly what i do, get home, put the wii or a dvd on and no one is allowed in the room. Hubby has occasionally tried to enter for something and I freeze like a rabbit in the headlights until he is gone! Best motivation I can find is when I do a couple of good workouts I can really feel the difference in how things fit, and a few days without working out means waistbands start getting tighter, with or without the weight loss.
I have stomach exercises and I do them first thing when I wake up. Then they are over and done with. Also I found some that dont involve sit ups.

also maybe break it down into say 3 x 15 mins over the day rather than 45 min session?

I've been walking regularly and my fitness levels are definitely improving :) This forum has definitely boosted my motivation!

I want to start jogging/running again as that was the fitness level I was at before! Davina DVD is still a bit challenging but I really want to get to the stage where I master it and can move onto a more challenging exercise routine.

My mood is better and I feel calmer so I'm starting to look forward to my exercise now :)
I found that team sports would motivate me, (ie the thought of letting other people down would make me get my butt off the sofa). It may sound like a weird thing to do but I joined a local ladies rugby team. They assured me that I didn't need to be fit to start with, and trust me, at 20 stone, I really wasn't! It was the best thing I ever did, because the ladies were fun, training was great exercise and I instantly made 14 new mates!

Since 2009 I have gone from being a prop forward to an inside centre so I am dieting my way through the positions! It's not for everyone but worth considering if team sports is your thing and you don't want to feel surrounded by 'skinny minnies' lol. There really is a place for everyone in rugby.

Debs :)


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When my head isin the right place I can knockle down and go walking..My fav exercise is Zumba. I'm lucky enough to have a great instructor, she works us hard but makes sure it's fun as well.
LittleSis, we are the same size and have the same goals! =) Maybe we can watch each other over these next 6 months. :)


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So we are..Sounds like a plan :)


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what i find motivating is great instructors, and good music.

lucky ive got an awesome attack instructor, she works you very hard, by the end of her class you just want to crawl away whimpering! it is good fun too, but very very intense.

music too, if a bad song comes on my ipod i find it hard to work out to it- itunes also has my brothers music on it >.>
Nothing motivates me to do Exercise but as I lose weight I hope I will get to appreciate its benefits. At the mo, I feel too heavy to do it but i know I will I have to incorporate it into my life as the weight falls off if I want to be slim for life.
I have always struggled with the idea of exercise. Not the fitness aspect, but the hassle factor: having to change into gym kit, getting sweaty, needing another shower..... bit of an excuse really. I have finally erradicated all my excuses - I now own trainers and gym kit! This is a major step forward.

I have decided to start jogging. I currently walking and jogging for a minute stage. I was surprised by how unfit I am. While I didn't think I could run 26.2 miles, I did think I would be able to jog out of the close....... I am finding that I can jog a few extra steps each time, so this is motivating. Losing weight seems to be giving me more energy.


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I agree that losing weight gives you more energy. I have had a treadmill for a while now but it's not until recently that I have really used it regularly. I find good music helps. But for added motivation I have put my short term goal up on the wall to encourage me to run for that extra minute as I am working towards something. I also have a chart there that I write down how long I have managed. It's still early days but I'm finding that each day things get slightly easier. Oh and I always do it as soon as I get up, later in the day I know my motivation would flag and it seems to set me up for the day with an excersise "high"
I run for an hour six days a week at the moment. It started off being a little bit of jogging and mainly walking, and I have gradually built it up and joined a running group. I find that if I miss one day of training I feel very sluggish and lazy, which I hate! I also hate letting people down at running club, as each time the first people in the group reach a corner they have to run to the back of the group and 'pick up' the people at the back.
The best thing I discovered was that I loved the exercise bike best out all the things in my gym. Also the Kindle was the worlds greatest distraction from the cycling I could sit and peddle and read for hours :)
I would love to be one of these people that can break into a jog on the treadmill but I struggle to walk on it for long. I don't have any where near the confidence to go faster on it. Any tips/suggestions/confidence boosters???
All the people in my gym seem so fit compared to me...
Today was my first day of attempting to add exercise to my dietary changes. I sneaked 30 mins of step on WiiFit whilst the house was empty. The pain in the troublesome area of my right leg was something else!! In the end I managed just over 4000 which I'm guessing is rather paltry. It isn't a very encouraging start. All in all not a great experience. I'm hoping my hatred of quitting is enough to keep me going!
Basically nothing motivates me to exercise these days!! I've discovered that I DESPISE formal exercise in all it's evil forms :) but it's ok!! Not all of us are made to be gym bunnies and there's lots of ways to be active. I walk a lot, cycle, swim, trampoline and generally run round with the kids and I like to do the odd aquafit class with the ma in law :) I only crack out the zumba if I've eaten like an A*hole and need to repair the damage :)

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Am terrible for avoiding excercise, but find can happily dance to music, sometimes for hours, quite like walking n swimming too

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