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S: 20st5lb C: 15st11lb G: 15st5lb Loss: 4st8lb(22.46%)
It says on the packet to exercise for 30 mins a day and I really want to BUT I have read on these boards that exercising will put me in starvation mode and shut it all down.
Now I don't mind not eating - I find it quite liberating - and I don't mind exercising but I need to see progress!
If I do half an hour on an exercise bike - is that ok or do I need to add a shake? Seems to defeat the purpose though..
Any thoughts?
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I dont think thats true. When I did CD I worked out (really hard) 6 times a week doing high intensity cardio and weights and the weight came off at around the same (if not quicker) that those not exercising, Plus I was really toned.

Will try to do the same this time (maybe not as intense though).

If your body can cope with it you will be ok. Remember to listen to what your body needs, you may need a few days where you will need an extra pack e.t.c.


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I think it is 20 minutes exercise per day according to the packets, I tend to do 45 minutes walking a day so I suppose I am doing too much but not found it detrimental so far. I would not go too mad on the hard core cardio unless it is something you already do.
B xx