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Carbs are Evil
The book recommends starting exercise after the first two weeks, I guess when it all slows down you would see bigger losses with exercise as well x
Dr. Atkins himself said - 'Exercise is non-negotiable.' He meant it! It is important to keep the metabolism boosted as well as to keep fit in general and tone-up flabby, underused muscles.

If you have always been active and done a lot of walking you should continue. If however like many of us you had a sedentary, even couch-potato lifestyle then it would be wise to up your activity levels. You feel better and usually lose weight faster.

Funnily enough I am on an exercise blitz right now to try to break a stall. I exercised for a total of two hours yesterday in three 'bursts' of 45 minutes, 45 minutes and 30 minutes. I have arthritic knee joints so I have to be careful. I will concentrate on walking today and some gentle jogging on the spot, later - maybe add a bit of vigorous dancing to fave CD tracks!

I will soon slow down to one hour a day, every day. Gotta watch those knees! But even a 20-minute effort every single day soon begins to pay off.

Good luck! It's hard to get started but once you do, you will even start to enjoy it.


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Well I have to confess I dont do much exersise.

I do two and a half hours ice skating every sunday - which is a lot more energetic than it looks and some weekends I take my little boy to the giant play gym.

Other than that I just do normal walking about, climbing stairs, and the general running about that all mummies with young children do.

my intentions are good and I know I really should but I just never seem to get around to exersising - my excuse to myself is that I'm too busy.

My losses havent been great and I think thats down to no exercise but I'm willing to live with it as I'm still losing - If my losses slow even further I might think again

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
I just bought one of them shake weights for the bingo wings but I can't do it for laughing. I know I'm being very immature but couldn't do the dvd workout without sniggering like a school-kid. If you've not seen one go on youtube and type in "Shake Weight" then tell me you didn't laugh!
I didn't but I'm sure it works better if you do. :)

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