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I have given myself a month which means its time for me to start. I have been walking alot, and by alot I mean 3 - 4 times a week for an hour or more. It will not slow your fat loss, only your scale loss for a brief time.
My CDC said whenever you feel ready to start but not overdo it on cardio exercise. I am going to start with a 10 minute run and then do some weights (that is of course if I can manage to run for 10 minutes without being out of breath :eek: )


Losin the baby weight :-)
I am a member of a gym and haven't been for about 6 months!!!! :mad:

However, I signed up for Boot Camp last week and had my first session yesterday morning!! I can hardly walk today!

Honestly, it was torture but it felt so good afterwards! I go away in 5 weeks and this is a 5 week course - 3 times per week. My next one is tomorrow at 8am but I am so sore I am not sure how I am going to do it! I asked the instructor and she said to power on through the pain!!!! :eek: Ha ha! Oh well, no pain no gain I suppose - or rather no pain no loss!!!


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at the moment i am just concentrating on low impact cardio stuff to burn fat so walking and swimmming at a gentle pace atm
as most people on here know, anyone who's read my diary. i'm a total exercise fanatic. :D

i would say that if you are starting out a good place it walking. then after that i would say weights.

exercise does slow weight loss down. i had a buddy on here - we were the same height and had the same amount to loose. she got there before me. she didn't exercise and i did.

Katerpillar - remember when you are starting out that you do not want to overdo it. that boot camp sounds like to much hard work if you haven't been doing anything for a while and are just going back to exercise. exercising through pain is not great and bad advice.

if you are sore from cardio you need more stretching time before and after. take it down a notch too. you want to carry on but not at the expense of not being able to do anything.

if you are doing muscle building exercise then it's slightly different in that you will be ripping your muscle and it will be rebuilding itself. the pain is the rebuild. the rebuild makes your muscle bigger and stronger.

Steve S

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I went a bit mad with the cardio when I'd lost 3 stones the first time. I did the C25K program, and although I got fitter I'm convinced it helped to slow my weight loss down.

I'm taking it easier this time to see if there's a difference. :cool:

:) Steve


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I started swimming a couple of weeks ago and do half a mile three times a week. I have only lost 1lb a week since. I wonder if the swimming has anything to do with it?


Losin the baby weight :-)
Thanks for the advice great things! :)

I am so sore that I can hardly walk down the staris or get off the toilet :D I am sooooo unfit it's shocking!

I am going to wait and see what the pain is like tomorrow! I really want to go so might just go and take it easy - althought that really defeats the point of 'Boot Camp' I suppose! I will wait and see!

I felt really good afterwards though - I surprisingly had a lot more energy at 7am than I normally would so am definitely going to stick with it, but I shall heed your advice! :)


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I would like to join the gym soon what are the best exercises to do while still loosing weight on CD?
I would like to join the gym soon what are the best exercises to do while still loosing weight on CD?
weights will help burn fat. cardio will get you aerobically fitter. it's the cardio the might slow down losses more than weights. get yourself into a body pump class, fantastic for tone.


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i want to get back into the gym but i like crunching heavy weights but on SS cant see how my body could rebuild the muscle with no calories etc so going to wait till i move up the programmes


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I go to the toning centre about 3 times a week and do some weights at night xx
I've just started doing Zumba and it's brilliant. I'm just doing the 20 minute video for now - starting off slowly and will build up, but I am also mindful of not doing too much.
well I am going to leave it a good few weeks, then going to do a half hour walk at least 4 times a week

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