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I go to the gym 2-3 times a week. I went this morning and even though it's only 12-30 i've already had a soup AND a bar! Only got 1 soup left to get me through the day :cry:

I drank loads of water to try and fill me up but didnt make any difference.

Does anybody else who exercises find that they are much hungrier and any tips on how to overcome this?

Claire x
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I used to cycle into my work everyday which was about 12 miles and i found that exercising actually took my mind off anything else, then again it was hardly a hard work out.

I suppose it depends how much exercise you are actually doing, if you are over doing it then the body gets its energy from your muscles rather than fat which is counter productive and possibly this could be making you hungry.
First of all WELL DONE! I'll be interested to find out as I'm planning to start the gym after my first month of exante. I couldn't imagine going to the gym at the minute, it kills me enough when I'm eating normally. I'm always starving after the gym. xx
Try to space your food and split them, I found the water is recommended for shakes is too little, so I use half and a second portion later. You can also have half of your bar before exercise, and drink a lot of water while exercising then have the rest of the bar. You will still have two meals to enjoy later.
Will give that a try, thanks. Ive always exercised, am doing 30 mins on the xtrainer plus weights and situps etc but taking it easy compared to normal due to low calorie intake. Will give it 2 weeks and may have to go onto WS as i'm not willing to stop exercising x


I will never give up
yep i started doing the 30 day shred and would get so hungry in the afternoon so im now swapping to weight watchers to get the last stone and a half off and will be doing exercise again.
yep i started doing the 30 day shred and would get so hungry in the afternoon so im now swapping to weight watchers to get the last stone and a half off and will be doing exercise again.
How are you finding the 30 day shred, what level are you on? I got mine this a.m. and must admit I had no strength to do the exercises just the warm up lol. I also have a driving lesson this p.m. so I didnt want to be too tired. OH done the level 3 OMG was he tired after... x


I will never give up
I have done level 1 and 2 but i prefer one i think that 1 is harder than 2 aswell. It really works just takes a little while to get used to it.
Hi, I exercise about an hour 3 times a week usually, but since starting Exante and having exams just now, I've moved down to twice. On the days I exercise, I try and do it in the evening so I don't get too hungry after as I'll be asleep! Also if I do exercise slightly earlier, instead of a pack, I have some low calorie, high protein, low carb mock chicken. It doesn't knock me out of ketosis, because the gym work would have taken me further into it, and it's high protein anyhow and fills me up more than the pack. I guess gym days it's more like I'm on the bit where you add a meal.
Think i'll do that dreamer, may have a couple of boiled eggs in the morning before i go then carry on as normal, will only be another 120ish calories and protein so shouldnt be a problem x
Yeah think you're right. I know on the x trainer alone i burn 300 calories, then there's the weights after that so probably doing about 500 cals and more if i go swimming after. It doesn't make me lose weight any quicker, just tones me up and is something i've always done x
It's great that you exercise so much, and it's a good balance of cardio/weights. I only do cardio just now (an hour on the treadmill) and I burn 600 calories according to the machine. I'd like to start weights or at least resistance machines when I get down another stone to stone and a half. More muscle after all means more calories that can be burned! (Plus I have very poor muscle to fat ratio)

Yeah, the weights i do arent heavy, they just stop me from getting even saggier lol, and it gives me more energy if i go first thing in the morning x
Hi, I go in the mornings before work and do cardio and weights to prevent sagging and to release those endorphins. I have an average weight loss pattern of 4-5 pounds a week, and I am about 3 1/2 stone overweight, plus I am 5 foot 9.

Your body will get used to the shock after a couple of weeks, then I will drop down to 3 packs.

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