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I would wait for a week or slightly longer, just let your body get used to the lack of physical food and when you do start to excercise build it up slowly so your body can get used to it and if you feel dizzy at any time you must stop. I have been swimming whilst on this diet and have found if you do too much too soon it will affect you so just take your time and build up your fitness levels


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Agree with the above completely - if you are not used to it then let your body adjust and take it easy. then ease yourself in slowly and see how u feel.... I was just looking at the treadmills in Argos funnily enuf .. I would LOVE to be able to run but I have a wonky back and dont know if its possible.. and wont run outside to find out until I am twig thin - therefore could be never!! LOL!! I have seriously toyed with the C25K idea... it would be a huge thing for me :) xx


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I joined the gym in week 3/4 and found it fine, id wait until at least week 2 before doing and high level cardio, in my first two weeks i just made sure i walked for half an hour at least every day xxx


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I've just started back on the LT diet 6 days ago now and I've found that I want to exercise and I'm taking it easy and seeing how I go. Last night I did 3.2k on the C25K day 1 and found it alright ...bit wobbly on 1 bit where I was meant to be jogging I decided to walk it instead...I think were all sensible enough to know when our body's have had enough and we can moderate what were doing. If you want to give the running machine a go ...have a go but gradually build it up rather than trying to run a marathon on day 1 ;) x x x