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  1. Silence

    Silence Bouncing back

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    Hi everyone!
    Does anyone have any advice about starting to exercise? Obviously I'm too big (and unfit) to do stuff like jogging and even aerobic exercise is a no go. I need something nice and gentle to start me off and complement my diet... I'm thinking walking and beginners yoga. Any other ideas?
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  3. Mini

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    I think walking and yoga are excellent forms of exercise and if you can do either or both regularly that is the key.

    Swimming is another gentle form of exercise that gives very good results.

    I do walking not nearly enough:eek: but working on improving it.

    I have light weights and I do a few gentle exercise with them.

    And have begun today using my thigh master exerciser.

    I have dusted off my bike but have not had the nerve as yet to give it a go.

    Love Mini xxx
  4. Silence

    Silence Bouncing back

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    I used to like swimming but I'm so embarrassed about how I look in a swimming costume I can't pluck up the courage to go any more. Before when I used to go I was a student and I could pick quiet times of the day to swim, now I work 9-5 and I imagine thats when the pool tends to be busy.
    I think I'm going to start walking more. I do nowhere near the recommended 10,000 a day!
  5. Bobwillbethin

    Bobwillbethin Full Member

    what about wii fit ?
    makes stuff fun
  6. 30FlirtyGirl

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    I started with walking 10 minutes in my lunch break, after a few days I built that up to 20 minutes, then 30 minutes. I now do 45 minutes per day weather permitting and 30 minutes on my step machine 6 days a week. Its amazing how quickly you can build up your fitness. xx
  7. Silence

    Silence Bouncing back

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    wii fit is in theory a good idea... it would mean buying a wii, fitboard, and a TV! wouldn't it???
    But i think it's definitely the best option for winter!!!
  8. chalack

    chalack Full Member

    Definatly swimming, its a very gentle exercise and works the whole body, you can burn alot of calories swimming. ;)
  9. Undisturbedgirl

    Undisturbedgirl Silver Member

    Wow chalack that is great losses, what diet are you following?

    Back on topic lol, i think swimming is a great idea, but like Silence, i feel way too self conscious to even contemplate that, but i do need to exercise.
  10. Silence

    Silence Bouncing back

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    I think walking is the only way to go... swimming, however good, is far to embarrassing - well not swimming... the swimming costume. its just traumatic
  11. Fizzio

    Fizzio Member

    Eat less do more!
    I am still the wrong side of 20 stone but I go swimming. And here's the thing:
    Nobody is looking, you ain't gonna be the biggest there and at least you are there doing your thang!
    M&S do some nice cossies for us chunky chicks !
    Good luck,
    I am now up to walking 4 miles without needing resusitation so it DOES get easier!
  12. daisyinthedust

    daisyinthedust Make a plan, deep breath

    Hi, i think walking and yoga sound like a good start, they should both help you become more fit, flexible and then you might feel more confident to start something a bit more invigorating!
    A couple of other things you could try is a mini trampoline you could put in you basement or whatever and i know quite a few people on this forum have foldaway treadmills @ home too which you could maybe think about?
    Daisy x
  13. ** Just Jools **

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    I agree Fizzio you've just gotta do it. That was always my excuse for not doing exercise but now I've bitten the bullet, joined the gym and yes I may be one of the biggest ones there, I may go bright red & sweat like a pig (very attractive I know!!) but I'm doing it, it's working and it's getting easier too. Go for it. Who cares what anyone else thinks. :). Good luck.
  14. aislinn

    aislinn Full Member

    Hi, most pools have an early birds session which caters for people who just want to swim. In my experience that is exactly what they do and don’t bother about what others look like.
    I think there are a lot of assumptions made about people who attend gyms and that they are full of ultra fit people scoffing at anyone with a BMI above 20!!
    I use a well known brand of gym and it is used by people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. I was well big when I started. Even some of the skinny folk sweat like pigs and you would be surprised at the fitness level of some of the bigger folk. Fitness isn’t restricted to size and I think society is too hung up on it.
    I’m out of action at the moment following a hysterectomy but prior to that I was doing 4 spin/bike classes a week plus 4 body pump classes. I’m a size 16/18 and my surgeon said that my rapid recovery has been down to my fitness level. Although I am ‘medically obese’ he said it was clear that I am extremely fit which made his job and the teams job much easier. He also added that I carry more muscle than fat…………I think was a polite way of him saying that I’m built like a male rugby player Lol!!

    I think what ever form of exercise we choose it has to be enjoyable, doable and get results!!

    Good luck

    Aislinn x

    Sorry if I sound like I’m preaching………I’m not………just quite passionate about us bigger folk getting a bum deal.
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  15. Silence

    Silence Bouncing back

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    I think I'm going to stick to walking and yoga...it's not as revealing! Although I love the idea of a mini trampoline!
    It's weird for me because I live in France, where obesity isn't as common, and a lot of people are certainly not my size and so I feel extra self conscious because I can't look around and feel that other people are like me, which is why I don't want to go swimming or to the gym. I'm just too self conscious. :(
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