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Is thinking positive!

Bloody hell NikNak..2 stones in 3 weeks is not classed as slowing down :D I nearly choked on my water when I read this...:p

If you want to introduce exercises go for it as toning you're body is a good thing whilst losing weight! But please don't be thinking that 2 stones in 3 weeks is classed as slowing down, That is a huge weight loss in that short length of time... :D
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2 st in 3 weeks is fab if you feel like excercising do it i have been slack with excersing the past few weeks and have still had good losses i think toning up ecercises are a good idea but you are doing really well. well done x


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well done on your brill loss. try to stick to gentle excercise and don't overdo it. listen to your body and up the water intake
HI there i have been exercising like mad and im totally loving it but i have been having losses of 4 pounds which is good dont get me wrong but i had been having losses of 6 and 7 pounds a week so last week the chemisit told me to cut the exercise out to see if it had a difference i did and i lost 7 pounds im only 3 days into this week and so far i have lost 4 pounds so im not telling you not to do exercise it helps with toneing but maybe only do light exercise like walking or swimming
Exercise is good for toning and firming but too much will build muscle which weighs more than fat and maybe why Linny's weight loss has been slowing down. I've found the weather lately and having my children around all day has stopped me exercising as much as usual but I'm planning to do more once they are back at school.

Do what you can but don't over do it as you are only having 400 cals a day.

Good luck and enjoy it - I know I enjoy it more now I'm carrying less weight!


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