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Hi all - I hope that you are all well. I have searched through the threads ut could not really find anything to do with exercise.

I am starting week 5 Tomorrow and I have started some exercise. I am trying to clock up 10,000 steps ( only managing about 8,000 at the mo) Swimming and some sit ups?

Will this affect my weight loss in a positive way? Some say that exercise will mean you retain more water so you weigh more?

What do all you guys do fro exercise - a lot of you have great weekly losses of 5lbs plus. I have only managed that on week one.

I just want to make sure that I am doing the right thing.
Any help appreciated!
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Ive heard this but at the end of the day excercise can only be good whether it slows weighloss slightly or not and will help you tone up as you go. I will say though if you start working out harder up the plans, I can excercise a lot harder on 810 than I could on ss+ and the losses are good.


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hi pretika!

i recently started jazzercise twice a week and i found my loss was 3lbs the first week. waiting to see what it is this week. apparently it should only slow it down for a couple of weeks and the it will pick up again x
Wow that sounds like fun ! Good luck


Laugh in the face of food
My CDC said that doing half an hours exercise (cardio) 3 times a week can actually boost your weight loss by upto 1lb a week. I'd say she's right cos this weeks weightloss was down and I hadn't been to the gym due to illness, don't know if its a case of everyone being affected differently tho....
great - Thanks my cdc has said not to do any cardio yet? Just mild exercise like walking/swimming and toning... I am tryin to get on the stepper more and more - but only really managing 300 steps - but hopefully I can work on this.

I suppose it is obvious the more exercise you do the more you burn....so ultimatly I should see a loss - if not at leats a more toned tummy!!

Thanks for the help.


Laugh in the face of food
It depends on how much exercise you did before you started the diet. My CDC said it was fine for me to carry on with what I was already doing, but to listen to my body. I already did a lot of exercise before I started CD.

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