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Yes... I'm on a bit of a posting spree! I'm determined that the WW board is going to be buzzing! :)

So anyway, exercise! I can't stand it... The thought of going to a gym (which I did a total of three times last year :eek: ) scares the hell out of me... An aerobics or step class? Pfft... You've got more chance of seeing me eat insects then you have that! (No I've never eaten insects! lol).

However, it's common knowledge that we have to burn up more energy then we consume in order to lose weight. We've already cut down on what we consume by sticking to our WW points and eating less... It's obvious that if we exercise we'd lose weight even quicker!

Well I've started so many things and just given up on them. I joined the gym last August, was only a member for a month, only went three times. Once I even drove there, sat in the car park for 10 minutes trying to persuade myself to go in, and then came home. The majority of the time I didn't even get to the car.

It's got mirrors everywhere, and the majority of the time the other people working out (or the 'instructors' or whatever they are) are slim, toned and gorgeous. Do I really want to be doing some silly exercise where my fat is bouncing around, and my hair is slicked back with sweat... Whilst I watch myself in that mirror? No. In front of that gorgeous guy that I just love watching work out? NO!!

Then I decided I was going to start walking. I got some walking boots (expensive!) and tried to do a charity walk (26.5miles!) I managed about 7 before I dropped out. It wasn't the length, it was the terrain, seriously I nearly just gave up on a particular [STRIKE]hill[/STRIKE] mountain. I figured I'd just sit there and get a helicopter to rescue me or something. At least I made it up the horrible thing (and another one!).

Anyway, I decided to continue with my walking. I went off with my walking boots and mp3 player, heading towards the local castle. Only when I got there did I realise I had a huge sweat patch on my back... and there was a school trip up the hill (I have a thing about groups of kids. I was bullied horribly at school, and get nervous whenever there's a group of kids nearby). The thought of walking past them, or anyone else, and letting these people see this huge sweatpatch scared the hell out of me. So I untied my jacket from around my waist, put it on (even though it was scorching hot) turned around and walked home.

Now although I am happy walking as exercise, I refuse to do anything strenuous, basically just go for a short brisk walk, or a long stroll... Kinda defeats the point does it not?

I'd quite like to do cycling, but the thought of doing that at my size pretty much scares the hell out of me! So I won't be taking that up until I'm thinner.

I've bought and done exercise dvds... But they all have aerobic bits in them, even just 10 minutes every 20 minutes puts me off. I have quite a large bust, and due to it's size, and my weight gains and losses, once I've finally lost this weight, I really really want an uplift. The point I'm trying to make is, I don't do well jumping up and down or running on the spot... and sports bras are just useless. So I generally either watch the dvd and forget about it, do it once... or if it's really lucky do it twice and that's it!

I've recently just bought a Callanetics video (that's how old it is). Apparently it's meant to be really good, I'll see how things go.

There's no way I'm getting into a swimming costume infront of people... I'd be banned from the leisure centre for scaring away all of the other members!

I quite like dancing, but you either need a partner, or it's in front of a mirror, or you have sweat patches in front of people. Another thing that I'd quite like to take up once I've lost my weight though.

There is however one exercise that I've started doing - done it twice now - and enjoy! Golf!! I used to play when I was a kid, and started up again about four years ago having lessons. The thing with me is, when I have lessons I get stressed and stop being interested. Well I've started going again, and I love it. Just going to the driving range and hitting 50 balls is great. I'm shattered, I ache, but I feel good, and I wish I could go more then once a week! I can't wait until the weather improves and I can actually go out on the 9 holed course with my dad. Walking and hitting the balls... that can only be good! :D

So what exercise do you do and enjoy?
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I dont do any - mind you Im quite sure thats obvious to anyone who knows me. For MOST of the reasons you mentioned, gyms etc are a non starter, as are pools etc.

I cant do exercise DVDs - ok, no I admit it, this will sound like the most feeble and sorry excuse in the world, ready?? But I have NO co-ordination - I mean NONE, Ive tried loads of videos and Im fine for the first 5 mins but then ask me to do 2 things and Im snookered. And when I say 2 things I dont mean anything exciting, it can be like stepping and moving your arms, I cannot for the life of me get co-ordinated, I then spend all my time concentrating on trying to swing my arms that I lose all track of whats happening lol Its pathetic I know, but there you are.

Im going to have to concentrate for now on some gentle walking, climbing stairs, etc and work out what to do when (not if) WHEN my weight starts dropping.


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I have to confess I love the gym. I would be reasonably fit which helps (though still offically obese!!) and do three spin classes a week, weights once a week and trying to get time to do another class (like body balance or body attack) and also Pilates once a week. Used to do a lot of swimming when I was younger, and would love to get back into it,but not prepared to get into swimsuit for another month or so. Then I plan to take my little girl swimming again, as don't want her missing out!!

Hope I've not rambled on to much .. but it's nice to see different opinions on this!!


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Starlight - I always thought I had fantastic co-ordination. Until I did a step class! I was size 14 at the time <<sigh>> Those were the days <<//sigh>>. I honestly thought I was doing incredibly well, then I happened to glance in the mirror (WHY do they always have mirrors in these places?) and I saw this strange girl fumbling about and not keeping up with anyone else, and basically looking like a bit of a prat - and then I realised it was me! And don't get me started on when the instructor told us to do various actions with our arms!! So I completely understand where you're coming from.

lmariedr - Well I'm glad I made you laugh! :) It's always nice to put a smile on someones face. Bumping into my ex when I'm still overweight would annoy me... let alone without make up and out of breath! If I ever bump into my ex (and I hope I don't - what a moron! lol) I want to be size 10 or 12, and looking fantasic. It's not that I miss him or want him back, I just think it's the best way to show them that you don't need them and they aren't the be all and end all! However, I would always choose never seeing him again to bumping into him when looking gorgeous!

I don't remember the last time I went swimming, I did enjoy it when I went though. When I'm slim and confident I think I'll start again. It's a fantastic way of toning up and working the whole body!

I know what you mean about the walking. At the minute it's wet, windy and cold. Not walking weather. In summer it's hot, sweaty and irritating. Not walking weather. Unfortunately I think we only have a couple weeks of 'comfortable weather' a year, so it's a matter of catching that!

Pilates should be good - not to strenuous but still doing something... Although I'd probably get stuck in some random position! Dance mat.. good luck with that, it looks fun. Again it's the whole 'bouncing around' thing for me lol.

The main difficulty is finding something you can do, you enjoy, and you can stick to.

WannaBeSlim - Don't worry about rambling.. You've nothing on me, my posts tend to be essays (sorry about that everyone!). You love the gym? Well I guess someone has to! ;) I'm kidding. The wonderful thing about life is that everybody is different. It would be so tedious if we all loved the same things. I think for me, my major issue with the gym is making myself look terrible (sweat, red, out of breath) in front of other people... and the effort. I will admit, I'm lazy. I don't want to sweat and get out of breath unless I have to! (I'd appreciate it if no one lowered the tone with that comment! ;) lol)

It's definately very interesting reading other peoples opinions and stories though. :D


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I hate gyms for all of the reasons mentioned above lol!
I hate doing stuff on my own too .... I tend to go jogging now (started a couple of months ago) I only do about 2 or 3 miles at a time and I only do it 2 or 3 times a week but I drag my poor mum out with me and she enjoys it now too.
We kind of do brisk walking and then jogging spurts ....

I worked out for each time we go out I earn about 2 points so thats what makes me get up off my fat arse and do it! lol

Hubbie went to tesco last night and came back with one of those inflatable exercise balls for me ... not sure how to take that! lol!!! I know he means well but it just made me more paranoid that he thinks my body is gross - I usually change for bed in the bathroom but the night before I didn't and it just made me think he thought I was revolting naked so brought me an exercise ball!!!!

Maybe I'm just being over sensitive cos hes such a lovely man .. maybe he was genuinely trying to help?!?!



Gonna be a 10!
Thanks Marie ..... seriously though .... I say only because like I said its more like brisk walk with burst of jogging every now and then lol!!! So I do feel a bit silly calling it jogging when I don't jog the entire time lol!!!
Have only just started it too so no doubt novelty will wear off lol!!!

Can't wait to be that little naked peep walking around the house lol!!!! Haven't felt confident doing that for about 7 years!!!