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Exercise ?????


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Just take it easy. You may feel a bit faint due to lack of sugar to draw on if you do too much. I went to the gym today and felt knackered very quickly, but feel great now.


I will be skinny again!!!
Ive just ben walking and stuff but ollie and lauren etc are running :)


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Just give some things a try honey and youll find out what your fitness level is. Some can do more than others.

On the wii fit i do the step plus for 10minutes, a jog which is 2 minutes - and if im feeling brave then ill do another 2 minutes.

Then i go on my brothers punch bag thats hanging outside - its a great workout - but you can always do the boxing on the wii fit?


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It depends on what you did before? If you did nothing then I'd pace myself & see how you feel after doing a little- as others have said you may feel a little faint?
I walk 3miles a day in 40mins at the minute and I was told that I could continue to do that?


I will be skinny again!!!
Im going swimming again tonight :)


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Irish mum, thats good going, I tend too walk as I take my dog out etc, although not enough!! Having said that I did struggle before I went into ketosis, I had to physically hold onto my OH so that him and the dog could drag me round our usual route! lol! On LT sometimes it feels like you have been zapped of energy! ( thats does tend to be in the minority though cos most of the time I feel great!) x


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i try to run 2 miles 5 nights a week, but tend to do 4, and do me excercise ball etc...

took a while to have teh energy but break urself in slowly and u can do pretty much the same as if u were not on the diet!

best of luck huni xxx

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