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  1. Mr_Big_1983

    Mr_Big_1983 New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I needed some urgent help. I'm a working mother who's just out of pregnancy and you all know what does that mean, I want to start exercising to lose the weight but I only have time to do it at work so can any1 recommend any videos that I can follow? Thanks in advance!
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  3. Blue Butterfly

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    Ive heard that Davina McCall's dvds are quite good. And also the 'biggest loser' workout dvd.
    If you can only workout at home have you thought of getting a wii fit? Plus there are loads of other games that you could get that require you to be active.
    I use my brothers sometimes if I cant get to the gym and I love to play the tennis on one of the games,soon has me jumping round the room!
    Claire x
  4. judimac

    judimac Mad old Bat with Attitude

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    If you can stomach Davina and her comments then yes if you've done nothing for a while you'll see results. Rosemary Conley is good as she knows her stuff and tells you what you are going to do ahead of time, and there's someone doing the easy version.
    I have to agree with Butterfly, I got a Wii in July after being a couch potato for many years (I'm 59) and started with wiifit, but found it pretty tame. Then got EA Sports active which had me polaxed at the start, but lost me loads of inches in a very short time. I got the biggest loser a few weeks ago. You can use that without the wiifit board, (and EASA) and that has sparked my enthusiasm again. I can say that these interactive games have really made me fitter than going to the gym. The outlay for the Wii is the only drawback. But I got Davinas latest dvd from Lovefilm the other week and to be honest it didn't stretch me like the wii games do.
  5. lindylou

    lindylou Silver Member

    Weight Watchers
    I used Hannah Waterman's DVD for the 1st time this morning. No wonder she is looking so toned!!
    I did all three 20 minute sections plus the cool down and stretch. (You can just do one section + cool down and stretch if you are short on time/energy).
    I just know my muscles are going to ache tomorrow :rolleyes:.
  6. FallOutGirl

    FallOutGirl Member

    Cindy Crawford has a DVD called New Dimension which is specifically targeted at new mums and people who have been out of the exercise game for a while. it's got 3 workouts-a 10, 16 and 40 minute. I can just about manage the 2nd workout!
  7. jenniferyellowhat

    jenniferyellowhat Full Member

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    Calorie counting/healthy eating and Jillian Michaels' DVDs
    Congratulations on your new baby:)
    I am also a new mum trying to lose weight and tone up. I like the Davina power of three and suerbody dvds. I have been doing them since the start of Jan and have really noticed a difference in my tum, arms and legs already.
    I haven't got her latest one (Davina Fit) so can't comment on that one.
    Her comments are a little annoying (I guess anyones would be on repeat!) but there is an option to turn her voice down and the music up!
    I have heard fab things about the Wii fit and EA.
    I'm sure it doesn't really matter which one you choose though, it is just moving about more that will make the difference.
    All the best
  8. Jane1982

    Jane1982 Full Member

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    healthy eating/calorie counting
    I like the angela griffins dance workout -sure it was less than a fiver on play or hmv.com. Broken up into 10 minute chunks and is good if you like dance type dvds without being complicated.
  9. Shabba

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    Weight Watchers PP
    I have the ministry of sound ones and my gosh you know you've done them!!! I've only managed to complete them once :eek:
  10. shelz

    shelz Silver Member

    I purchased this DVD a couple of days ago and havent even had time to watch it yet. Is it really effective/hard workout?

    At the moment i tend to be a fan of the biggest loser, although some of the older DVDs like the Natalie Cassidy Now and Then workout and the Turbo Jam 20 Minute blast proved to work for me before.
  11. lindylou

    lindylou Silver Member

    Weight Watchers
    I did all the sections back to back twice in 2 days and had to rest the third as my abs and legs were so sore (in a good way). But if I was short on time I would only do one of the cardio sections rather than both of them.

    Its a great dvd and Hannah Waterman is really good in it - not too overpowering like some celeb dvd's - she lets the trainer do the talking, but she is very fit and they have a laugh!

    I sat and watched the dvd through on my computer 1st, the day before I did it, so I knew what sections I wanted to do and what I might need (mat, towel, water, weights and more water :D).

    I will be getting plenty of use out of this DVD!! - I was really surprised at how tiny and toned she looks and she has no problems doing the advanced stuff - she has definately been working hard to get that fit body!!
  12. PKJellyBean

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    Like a few others have suggested, I would definitely recommend a Wii Fit. I can't get on with fitness DVDs as I have a very low boredom threshold and can't stomach doing the same routines over and over. With the Wii Fit (and all the other fitness things for the Wii) at least you can vary the workout and with it being interactive, it's a bit more interesting. Anyway, I'm still enjoying it and like I say I get bored so fast!
  13. KookieDoh

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    Slimming world
    If you are pushed for time, try 15 minute Workouts for Dummies. It has four workouts - Thighs, arms, buns, and abs. It has beginners and more challenging versions of the exercises and you can ether do them individually or all together in an hour long workout. The only thing about it is you will need weights for the arms workout but just use a couple of tins of beans for resistance.
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