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Exercising on SS

Hi everyone,

In an effort to beat my 'psychological hunger pangs' (i.e boredom!) last night, i decided to go for a little run, and planned to listen to my Ipod and do a routine of 'run for one song, walk for one song'. Well, anyway, halfway through the first song, I was goosed already! I spent the next two songs catching my breath back!!

anyway, that set me wondering, although I was never very fit (built for comfort not speed :crazy:), are we not meant to exercise much when SS'ing? I realise that we are on limited cals but surely as long as you feel alright, it should be ok??

Sorry to sound dumb, but has anyone else been through the same thing?


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I think you shouldn't start any strenuous exercise, but you can continue with any exercise you had been doing prior to starting.

I'm really keen to start running again but plan on really taking it easy whilst on SS.

If you are a new runner I really recommend the running plan on the Race for Life website - it's perfect for anyone starting out:)
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thats made me feel better... done NO exercise whatsoever since starting SS Feb 6th!
thought i was being really naughty but now i feel ok about it!!!

how can we tone up?
bit worried about saggy bits and pieces...

thanks for any advice x
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i just do housework and change beds etc thats enough for me..

oh and when oh is in the mood.. lol lol lol lol

i am though thinking about going swimming.. thats good exercise.. ?
Hey guys,

Well I have been going spinning...but I was doing this before I started CD....but this is only once or twice a week, I want to keep my cardio up so my body learns to burn its excess. I know a few people who exercise while SS but always do at your own pace and up the amount of water you drink!!
Ooh thanks, I'll check it out - I've always tried to force myself to like running but it's not easy, I did the Race for life 3 years on the trot and every time at the start line I remember thinking 'what have i let myself in for?'



Deb G

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I've always run and done long distance riding, and I have continued to do so throughout SS with LL. SOmetimes its been hard (lack of energy) but generally I've been fine. If I don't feel like running one day, I don't. Its best not to start something too energetic whilst SS, but fine to do pilates/yoga/walking or carry on with what you currently do. Lifting heavy weights is NOT a good idea due to the lack of glycogen in your muscles - you can damage them if you're not careful!

I try to do some form of exercise most days as i don't want any excess flabby skin!! but i have felt great doing it on SS so it is totally up to the individual but make sure you listen to your body and drink loads of water.


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I'm exercising, but I'm only doing a little. 15 mins on the cross trainer (hoping to work up to 30 mins but only started on it last friday!!), and a few sit ups/press ups. I just make sure I have a bottle of water near me all the time and I'm not pushing myself overly hard.

I think if you introduce exercise gradually you'll be fine, maybe start out with brisk walks for a week or 2 before introducing the jogging?

I've carried on as I was before, including doing a circuits + body combat class back to back on a Monday, Tuesday - gym, thurs - combat or gym, Friday - adv circuits. Can't do body pump on a Sat morning at the moment as this would mean having to do it on an empty stomach :( so I just take a walk to the city centre (about 25mins from where I live), at least it's something:)
Hey munchkin! I've only been on CD for about two weeks but I do muay thai training three times a week and I'm fine. I just carefully control my packs around my sessions and make sure I have half a pack about an hour before so I have ready energy :)

Think this article also gives some pretty good advice on zapping that flabby excess skin!
How to deal with flabby skin: iVillage


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While SSing I can't do cardio. It really makes me feel bad. All shaky, weak and ILL. If I have done quite a bit of cardio then I have to eat carbs, nothing seems to bring me out of it. I even thought I was imagining it, but I don't think I was. I found that out last time I SS'd, so this time I am only walking the dog, and if we go quite far and fast I begin to feel shaky again so have to slow right down or even come home. When I am on CD 1000 I will introduce cardio etc.
I feel shattered if I exercise at the gym - can manage walking ok as long as I don't overdo it. I'm doing Pilates at the moment - go to a class once a week and follow a video at home. It's very, very gentle and you can feel a difference.

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