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exercising - toning?!?!?!


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Hi there.. I would say if you havent done much exercise lately, just go easy, and just do things to start with, in small ways, say, walk a little each day ( just a little to start ) but build up to abit more each day until you find you can manage abit further.. and do things like bending, stretching, slow dance to your favourite radio station a couple of minutes, just be more mobile..I once read that ANY movement is good, even for people who arent really active - they say people who are always doing housework, or even 'fidgetty' people are doing some good !

What I'm trying to say, is start to be a little more active,and as the days and weeks go by, and the weight comes off with dieting, you'll be able to do more and more, and it should get into a habit.. A little exercise of ANY kind every day is better I think than jujst an odd burst of intensive stuff once or twice a week..

and good luck.
Im going to be walking loads and going on the vibostation every day for the next week or so. I have signed up to run for sports relief - so im going to be walking every day for approx 5 miles this week to build up my fitness and then I hope to start light jogging for part of it the week after. I really hope that this time when i start to exercise i can build a habit for life - i ideally want to form the habit of exercising for 30 mins per day.


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Hiya i have a treadmill so have been using that, not running just walking/power walking, plus i live at the top of a v steep hill and have to push a pushchair up it twice a day monday to friday x