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Expired Tetras

I have a few tetras (7) that expire tomorrow (03.12.10) and i was wondering if they are ok to have tomorrow and maybe 1 or 2 on Saturday?

I've read the thread about expired products and what happens to the nutrients etc, but i was thinking it should be ok if its just a day after the expiry date?

There’s also something printed on the tetra under the manufactured date that reads '02:30 M'. Does anyone know what this is?

Thanks in advance for your replies :) xx
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an expiry date means its ok till the end of that day so if its tomorrow then up till midnight tomorrow . Some people may say not to use them after this , bup ut I would say what difference could 1 or 2 days make ? I would use them up to a few days after if not more
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i think that BBF dates are a guide. i wouldn't have it a month after but a few days won't make much difference. there's no way anyone can accurately predict the exact expirey date. e.g they can give you a rough rule of thumb but wouldn't say..... it expires 12th dec 2010 at 7am in the morning etc

a few days... think you'll live. :D


please try again
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as with anything with a bbf date if it doesnt taste right then chuck it, otherwise i cant see why a few days should make much of a difference
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expiry dates are a legal thing the EU makes you put on food dried/processed food products and there are specific timeframes legally for specific products ... and things are usually fine for quite a while afterwards (months even in some cases.. think of the dried herbs in the cupboard).

BBD is for some foods that may lose quality of taste after that date.

Use by is for foods that will start to "go off" after that date

(we had all this in Ireland in the papers when certain products that weren't dated over here had to become dated when some EU legislation was voted in a couple of years ago)


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I think it should be fine if you use it within the next few days. It really shouldn't make that much of a difference.
Thank you for your replies :)

I should finish my tetras by tomorrow. I'm thinking i'll pour the tetra into a glass and see how it looks and tastes.

I'm not usually concerned about expiry dates but i just thought i'd be extra cautious with it being CD products.

I hope you're all having a good day and thanks again for all your replies. xx


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we lived in a pretty remote area overseas for a while - and most dried/tinned food over there was 2-3 years outside its sell by date. Thats all anyone ate and we never suffered ill effects. I understand about the CD nutrients aspect but I wouldn't worry about a couple of days. Like you said putting it in a glass to make sure sounds like a good plan.
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Well? Did ya survive the tetras? ;-)

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