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Explain fizzy drinks please someone


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Because they contain citric acid, which will kick you out of ketosis


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Exactly what Guru says.....Some people do have a small amount of coke zero or some of the perfectly clear drinks that don't contain citric acid think it's called malic acid, but stay well clear of citric acid. have you thought about fizzy water and the cd flavouring? thats quite nice :eek:
Thanks DappyMare.
I'm only on week 2. My CDC hasn't mentioned the CD water flavourings yet. Maybe she will this week. Are you allowed the water flavourings at any time?
Mrsessex, I used to drink loads of coke zero. Perhaps it's better to make a clean break with it cos I know I will want more.
alex, the cd flavouring is available from week 2 hun so u will be able to get it on ur next weighin.
its available in orange and summer berry flavour. they also do a savoury one for a hot bovril type drink.
You have to steer clear of anything that contains citric acid and anything that may contain ingredients of flowers or berries.

Even the flavoured drinks that do not contain these are proven in some people to trigger cravings that can cause you to break the diet.

What I have done in the past, and still do, is use the CD water flavourings (work out how much you need in a pint glass to get the strength you want), and then add sparkiling mineral water to it ...... in other words I make my own completely legal fizzy drink.

May not be coke, but it hits the spot believe me!

Thanks SteveM,
Sigh - looks like I still have a lot to learn. :) I shall be patient until Thursday then see what the CD flavourings are like.
eeeeek Steve - that article is scary. OK I am now officially put off fizz.
(until I am off the diet, that is, and can have cava to drink!)
Only coke zero and sparkling perfectly clear STRAWBERRY and KIWI only, don't have any citric acid and I drink a can of coke zero and glass of perf cl. s&k everyday! It doesn't seem to effect my weight losses at all. I have them on top of the 2.5 litres water though :)

Hugs x
The still red apple and the still strawberry and kiwi perfectly clear also have malic acid and not citric acid.

Oh and if you can find it, Dr Pepper Zero is also citric acid free.


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I was about to say, the red apple Perfectly Clear is okay too. I drink that and the strawberry and kiwi one.

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