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Bears dont dig on dancin'
Hey, I'm Julz, 25yrs old and have a 1yr old little boy. I thought it was about time to shift that baby weight! This is my first post on here so forgive me if I do something wrong! Lol

I signed up to SW online (BodyOptimise). I am so far a little confused. I'm vegetarian and thought, obviously, that I should pick the Green plan... I keep seeing this Extra Easy one on the website and am wondering how to pick! The website doesn't explain things very well... Is anyone able to help me out and tell me where to get started.

I downloaded food diaries and the food lists. Is there anything else I need to know about/do, or does anyone have any tips.

Thanks for reading my post and look forward to any replies. Julz x
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Hi Julz. I'm going it alone too and find this forum a huge help for info and support, so welcome aboard!

Extra Easy seems to be about cutting down your HexAs and Bs so you can mix red/green day choices, letting you have chilli with rice, for example, or meaty spag bol, chicken dinner etc. I don't think it'll be do-able for a veggie (but as ever, I'm ready to be corrected by wiser women/men than me!).

Good luck with your weight loss journey. You'll find loads of support here.
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Basically extra easy just means you can eat all the superfree and free foods from both plans, only ahve 1 HEA and 1 HEB and then when having syns you choose the lowest value, eg if somthing is 4 syns of green, but 1 on red.. then it would be 1 syn you see?

The website can be a bit confusing at first but youl get used to it, i mainly use the site to track my weight and to check syn values so im not overly good with it myself..

green would proberly be best for you, unless you eat alot of fish? in which case i suggest extra easy.. even tho you wont be eating 'meat'

But maybe give botha try and see how you get on :)

Wishing u best of luck, and positive vibes! let us know how you get on xxxx


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ah thanks for the replies. So I'll be following Green then, I don't eat meat or fish at all. So online I only need to download the Free/Superfree and Syns lists? I have tried WW before but get the feeling I will find this easier to stick to. I'm looking forward to getting going with our weekly food shop today!!


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You get loads to eat on Green! You don't need to weigh your free foods, just your Healthy extras, (make sure you have them all!) and do have your syns too! You will feel as if you are eating way too much to ever lose weight, but eat away! It works and you should never be hungry. Good luck!(you won't need it)
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Hello and welcome!

Have a look at Lydia's diary in the diary section above. She's a veggie, so you should get a good idea of what to eat from her.

Also have a read through old threads like this one http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world/92757-many-vegetarians-slimming-world.html

Plenty of non-meat eaters do SW and are very successful!

And masses of help here. Do some searching on the site and that should get you answers, and if not, ask away. Masses of knowledge will come your way! :D


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Hi and welcome, as stated I am a vegetarian and I only do green days, to be honest theres no point doing EE because you will lose out on 2 healthy extras and not really gain anything. Most quorn is free on green, as is tofu. I can let you have the complete list of quorn products if you like? Have a look through my food diary (in the food diary section) for some ideas and ask as many questions as you need to, theres also someone about to answer, good look. I love love love SW and its been the only diet in the last 5 years thats worked for me.


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