EXPLICIT: cramps and the runs


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i can barely type.

I've drunk about 3-4 litres of water today.

So Far I've had

1 Banana (warm)
1 Oriental Chilli (I put a little too much cayenne pepper)
1 mushroom (which i'm trying to eat now)

I have terrible stomach cramps. I've just been to the loo for a poo. My bottom was on fire.

I'm getting cramps as though I've got the runs.

Half way through tping this I had to run to the look again where my bottom was subject to more cayenne pepper and my poo looked different - like I has the runs, but a little more solid.

I'm OK now, but hell - something happened and I dont know what!
I'll finish my soup now.

Can anyone shed some light on this.

(my anal passage is still burning)
Maybe your bodys way of clearing out?I was similar on day 1 so dont worry someone else here may offer some light?
Try and drink the water as you'll dehydrate with those symptons
Thanks illdoit.

I'm just counting the days now. This is mentally, emotionally and physically tough!
You should split the packs in half to have smaller meals throughout the day as your body may be reacting to the concentration of vitamins and minerals.

I wouldn't put a lot of cayenne pepper in my soup again if I were you.

Hope you feel better soon!
Definitely sounds like the pepper has aggravated your system. Keep sipping the water, split your packs, and I hope it calms down soon
cheers gang. knew i could count on you guys.

Must say the water must be working a treat on my digestive sytem since i usually take 1-2 days for food to pass through - that was a matter of hours. :eek:
Hiya CC,

Mine happened on Day 5, I was sat there with a gripey tummy, DH called to say he was around the corner in the pub with a pint of water for me, I stood up and OMG, it felt like the whole world was dropping out!!!!

I know its graphic but needs must sometime!!!!!

I managed to get to the loo in time and ouch, I couldnt sit down after.

I am very happy to say that was back to normal the next day, i firmly believe ot is the nutrients getting to work but also your body getting rid of the bad stuff for the last time.

You will be ok, and dont panic like I did!!!
Thanks Canreallydothis.

D_Q - You made me laugh. Also love your likkle piccies ... especially the latest edition!
God I love this forum. Only on here can I find others as open about the most embarressing things as I am.

By the way, I also go on a chicken forum and we are preoccupied with poo on there too - although not our own :D
dread to think as to what Gilliam would have thought of mine that day!!!!!!!!!

Or what she would think now!!!!!!!!!