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extra bar alert!

hi everyone....well i was feeling so hungry i had extra one just now and its definately helped..i had a look in my booklet thingey and it says always keep a bar around, just in case...well this was just that moment!

it does also say though as ive read, to only have one a day cause of carbs or something..oh well it was either that or the biscuit tin!

h x
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Hi Harriet - did you try a glass of water first? The only problem with having 2 bars is you may kick yourself out of ketosis.......but like you say, at least it is better than the biscuit tin! What day are you on now?
i was drinking loads and that didnt help at all for some reason, just needed to chew on something solid!

im on my fourth day to day and feeling much more positive. (ssshhh...i also weighed myself this morning and already lost 5lbs so it must be working)
I know I shouldnt, but I have a frozen bar in my freezer - if I really cant resist temptation I have a nibble - but because it is frozen, you cant eat the whole thing in one go! They freeze really well - no ice crystals form on the bars.

You might want to put one aside, although not ideal, it might help you from eating a whole bar. I was in the same position on sunday! I just HAD to chew on something!
yes sorry, i jumped ship im afraid...was going so well but unfortuantely wasnt getting much support from OH and just too many temptations....

h xx
(the products def work tho, its just me that didnt stick to it )


Happy to be slim at last
Hi all, might be being thick, but what's JUDDD???
JUDD = Johnson's UpDayDownDay diet. Basically eating 500 cals one day and eating a lot the next day. So one day it's a feast, the next it's a famine. Seems to work for some, but it's not my kind of thing.:rolleyes:


Happy to be slim at last
Hi Quak, I have been lurking, but just not had time to post.

I see that you have been getting on really well with the diet! 40lbs in 10 weeks is superb.

Thanks for telling me what JUDDD is Borntofly. I remember hearing about this diet now. Not my kind of thing either. I would just stay on the Up Day all week :D:D

For me it's about healthy eating all the way now, staying low on carbs and when I do have a blow out, compensating for it over the next few days.
I got the email too...wooo Sarah
I guess I should write a new post saying hi to you all Im starting tomorrow. Just about to order another pack for next week.
I got it too :) and hi mrs hill2be :)


Happy to be slim at last
Thanks all. I have been used on a few things now. Having my picture out there is certainly a good focus to keep it off!

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