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Extra Easy Food Diary

Hi - Ive decided to give this food diary thing a shot. I think it may help me :D

Sorry if its boring...

B-Weetabix(HEB) with HEA milk n splenda
L-Stirfry vegetables, noodles with prawns
S-Mullerlight n banana
D-Roast Chicken breast with petit pois and sweetcorn

0 syns today but if I keep with it I may have a curly wurly :)
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Forward planning for Monday 4Oct
( I am strongly expecting to overeat due to the stress of having my driving test!)

B - Scrambled eggs with baked beans and mushrooms.
S - banana
L - boiled egg, beetroot,low low cheese(HEA1) and cucumber
S - chocolate weetabix(HEB+2syns) with milk (HEA2)
D - Pasta bolognese with quorn mince and veg

Syns - 2 from choc weetabix + 7 from flake = 9
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Aww thanks for the luck and thanks for reading my diary :) Im gonna need the luck! Tomorrow is the first day of the new style driving test with 10 minutes of independent driving thrown in. Scary stuff! I have failed once before so pretty sure I will fail again - its my nerves cos I know i am a really good driver :( I will update tomorrow and try my best not to binge!
I passeddddddddddd, now i just want to celebrate with lots n lots of naughty food lol xx
congrats on the pass but dont throw away all your hard work! maybe if you do have a treat just keep the syns low for a few days after but Congratulations xx
Thanks Halleous, I am so happy. I would be crazy to pig out today especially as my weigh in day is tomorrow! I think I may go for a meal out tomorrow after I weigh so i feel as though I have had a treat but I wont go too crazy :)


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well done on passing and staying on track xxx
Thanks ladies - it means a lot :) I'm still buzzing about passing my test. I think my star week is coming up cos I feel so bloated and keep just wanting to eat eat eat. Im trying just to snack on superfree but that flake has tickled my tastebuds! Not expecting much of a loss when I weigh tomorrow but fingers crossed anyway.


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well done on passing! try not to pig out too much
Hii ladies well I only lost half a pound this week but I was expecting it to be honest due to star week and being bloated. Hopefully means a bigger loss next week. Meal plan for today ...

B - Banana and muller light with glass of milk HEA1
S - Fruit bag (apples n grapes)
L - Rice and salad
S - 2 Alpenlights(HEB) and banana
D - Salad with cheese (HEA2)
S - mullerlight and banana

Syns - tomato puree (2)
No meal out to celebrate yesterday - I will celebrate next week if I get a better loss by treating myself to some new clothes :)
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Meal plan for Weds 6 Oct.

B - Prawn n onion omlette with baked beans n mushrooms
S - Mullerlight and apple/grapes
L - Egg and cheese(HEA) salad
S - 2 alpen lights and a banana
D - Rice and chickpea dahl (served with veggies to make it a third superfree)

Never had this asda chickpea dahl before but Ive heard such wonderful things I am very excited :) lol simple things...
What do u do with it kirstabubble?
It's normally my quick fix lunch so I have it with some microwave rice (the Uncle Ben's long grain rice is 1 syn per packet on green and EE).

A lot of people have said about having it on a jacket potato, which I still need to try.

I really like the taste of it, and I don't tend to mix anything in with it. If I'm on EE, I either have some veg on the side, or a massive portion of fruit after it, to make sure I'm getting my 1/3 Superfree.

Kirsty x
Verdict on the chickpea dahl... surprisingly nice :) I found it quite spicy but tolerable lol im such a wimp! There is still half a tin left so may have it for lunch tomorrow.
congratulations on passing your test :) some news clothes is a fab way to celebrate and will last much longer than a meal :)
Meal plan for Thursday 7 October

B - weetabix (HEB) with HEA milk
S - apple n grapes
L - chickpea dahl n rice with veg
S - mullerlight n banana
D - Quorn bolognese with pasta n veg

Im needing some new meal ideas cos im getting bored. Any ideas? On a budget ?

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