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Extra Easy Help Please

I've gone to SW after a time away and because I understand red/green my leader suggested I did the extra easy. I like the sound of it but I have a few questions.

Can I eat unlimited carbs and meat in one meal (within reason of course)?

She said that if something has syns you count the lower syns so say I am having chicken, salad and Batchelors fat free noodles. The noodles are free on green but 20 syns on red so I could I have unlimited chicken and count the noodles as free? That just seems too good to be true!

The extra easy plan sounds too good to be true and I've learnt if something sounds oo good to be true it normally is but my leader said that she had been following it and had lost 11lbs in 4 weeks.

Are many people following extra easy and are the weight losses as good and the normal red/green?

Also can I be in a team please?

Thank you. x x x
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You can in theory have unlimited food from red and green, however they recommend you fill a third of your plate with superfree foods, or you won't get good losses.

The most extra easy days I've had is 3 in a row, and I didn't lose that week. I think its because I have the tendency to eat what I would on a red day, but with chips etc as well, so I end up eating more than I would normally!
I'm on EE and doing just fine (I don't lose weight very fast, but I haven't gained yet at SW). Why not have some faith in the plan - everyone seems to be unsure of this, but SW wouldn't release a plan that doesn't work! The only thing you've not mentioned is the healthy extras - remember you only get 1 of each now, and that makes a difference too

Just think of your food on a weekly basis and I think you'll see what you eat is the same as a mix of red/green days in a week (except the food is mixed across days).

Why not try it, and if you don't lose weight after a couple of weeks, go back to Red/Green days?


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Everything you have said is correct, but I agree, try to fill a third of your plate with superfree foods. This is not essential but does aid weight loss.

There have been some superb weight losses on EE at my group, especially for new starters so give it a go!

Good luck!
I have never done red or green days. I started on the extra easy plan 6 weeks ago, and have lost 7lb.
I limit myself to 3 balanced meals a day, including protein, carbs, veg and fat free yogurt. If I am hungry, I snack on fruit or veg.
I just eat enough to feel comfortable full, as opposed to being stuffed.
hi i am starting my 2nd week of ee and lost 4 and haf last wk i love it and because i know i can have mostly anything my mind isnt constantly fixated on food i havent did this diet before so havent any experience of just red and green good luk whatever plan you follow x
Thanks everyone. I am doing the EE plan because it fits better into my lifestyle and my boyriend and I can eat the same things. Good point on the filling your plate 1/3 full with veggies etc - I had forgotten that, although I love salad etc so I'm probably doing it without realising.
I like the EE plan I am in my second week now and am finding this much better than weight watchers or counting cals. I think I will do the EE plan the whole time as it takes the guess work out!! I lost 6 pounds the first week and so far this week the scales are down 2 pounds. I agree that it is best to fill up on the ss foods like fruit/veg or beans (which worked from me last week!)

Good luck.
No it won't beat you in the tush. You're obviously doing something right so stick at it for the next coming weeks and you'll be fine. I normally do really weell and then lose half a pound or stay the same and get disheartened and eat bad stuff and then think sod it i might as well conitue eating bad stuff - but I'm not going to do that this time. You'll be fine as you know it works and you must be able to see the results already.
im on my second week of EE. i lost 2 lb last week and although it wasnt a terrific weightloss i never felt hungry or deprieved of anything and i havent been constantly thinking of counting calories etc... as long as HE a and b are measured correctly!
My leader told me not to do EE yet...why is that do you think?
hello this is my first time on this site,i only started the e.e plan yesterday,ive been on weight watchers before and found it so hard,i was always hungry and hated the idea of wasting my points on fruit and veg. but although its only been 2 days im really enjoying this i plan my meal the night before and dnt dread meal times because i know i will actually enjoy it and walk away full. but am doubting whether it will work as it doesnt seem that different to how i was eating before. my mum use to do red and green days and wouldnt loose if she had mixed the days.im not actually going to meetings as i have a baby and cant get out but ive bought the books and use the online meal plans and hope that will be ok,untill then its just guess work how many syns im having. has any1 got any tips on how to work it out?


Lover of Extra Easy
My leader told me not to do EE yet...why is that do you think?
I really can't say.
My consultant does EE herself and suggested it to me.
Having done both green and original when I was previously a member, I found it fairly easy and targeted twice. My own stupidity for not keeping it up and slipping back as I was over confident and thought I could make it on my own. I can't, hence I am back and will stay now.
However, I personally find EE so easy to follow. Much easier than green and original and the best of both worlds!
I have been doing it for 2 weeks now. I lost 4 pounds the first week and go for WI tomorrow. I can't wait! I am just as enthusiastic, if not more, than I have ever been.


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My leader told me not to do EE yet...why is that do you think?
I can't understand this. At my class the talk is all red and green, tho I'm banging the drum for EE and the new starters all seem to love it!
I think that so many people are comfortable with red and green they a) don't want to rock the boat and b)can't believe that something so simple works.
I'm losing weight faster and more consistently on EE than I ever did on R&G. (give or take the odd indulgent weekend!) Tho have you noticed in the front of the book it mentions changing to R or G to speed your weightloss?
I'm going to try EE for the next two weeks after i WI later. Just to see A) if it works for me, and B) To have carbs and protein in the same meal. I'm using a 7 day plan from one of my mags though as i was having trouble getting my head round it! Now i've planned i have more idea and have worked out how to sub in things i like for those i don't. Hopefully EE will rock!

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