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Extra Easy Lemon Squeezey

Ok so 1st of the month and I need a bit of a kick so I hope this will help :p.

B - Grapes, Yoghurt (hexa - yes not really but can't face any more dairy today)
Sn - Alpen bars (hexb)
L - Potato, Kidney beans, sweetcorn, leaves, chicken.
T - chicken and sweetcorn soup (6.5), 1/2 portion chicken and black bean sauce (2.5) + boiled rice. Prawn crackers (3)
Syns - 12

Not a bad day I think I did well with the impromptu Chinese take out - though mmmm a little bit too much chicken today :D.
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Sat -
Grapes and yog.
Alpen bar x 2
Beans, jacket pot, quorn sausage.
Batchelors rice
Ice cream - 10 syns.

Sun -
Fresh fruit salad
Crisps - 10 syns
crisp bread + cheese
cucumber, sweetcorn, carrot, celery, chicken, beans, jacket pot
pineapple jelly - 4 syns
Yesterday - Flexi day not writting it down (food was mainly free but had a pizza)

Tuesday -
Grapes, Alpen bars.
Black bean salad + peppers, cucumber and celery. + Quavers sm portion (4 Syns)
Pasta, quorn and tomato sauce (4 syns) cheese
JD and diet coke - 6 syns
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Grapes and a banana
Black Bean salad with peppers, cucumber and celery
Pasta, Tom sauce (4 Syns), quorn burgers, cheese
Pogen crisps breads

Hmm that really was a green day - I think maybe I should have added in another Hex b?
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Grapes, yog
Cous cous + black bean salad + peppers, cucumbers, celery.
Crisps - 9 Syns (ouch!)
Chicken and rice
JD 6 syns
Cracker and cheese (Hex A+B)
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WM bread (hexb + 4 syns) Bacon + Ketchup 2 syns
Cous cous salad as yesterday
I need to keep this up as much as I hate writing food intake down but I am slipping.

B- Grapes and Alpen x 2 (HEXB)
D- Beans, Jacket potato + yog
T - Pasta, chicken, salad + Tom sauce (4syns) + cheese (HEXA)
Diet coke and JD (8 syns)
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Ok so I am deleting this entry as I went off plan yesterday - I allowed a mistake to result in a massive syned day- no biggie I slipped its cool it happens now back on track!!
Due to what I ate I am having 60 syns a day for the rest of the week which will be hard as I am going away over the bank holiday.

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Ok so here I am back on plan!

B - shredded wheat (HEXB) + Soya milk (HEX A)
D- Fruit, Jacket pot with beans and sweetcorn.
T - Beef spag bol
Sn - jd diet coke - 10 syns (worth it!)
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Couldn't eat brekkie felt ill this morning - better now so off to the shops to find anything sw friendly!

Lunch - pots, chicken, sweetcorn, beans, leaves.
Crisps - 10 syns
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LOL I am so bad at keeping track! Been away over the bank hol, no wi in this week so am nervous! But will stick to plan all week and we shall what the damage is next Mon.
B - grapes
D - Boots pasta and meatball salad (5.5 syns) + pepsi max and shaper crisps (3.5 syns)
T- Salad, Gammon and pineapple with cheese (HEX A)
SN - WM roll (HEX B) muller lite
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Cheese (HEX A) WM roll (HEX B) with chicken
Chicken with salad
Monster munch and a diet coke (I need to give these up) (10 syns).
Gammon, rice, peas and carrots.
JD and lemonade (really tastes foul lol) (5 syns)
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Breakfast bar (7 syns), grapes and diet coke (bad bad bad bad)
Chicken salad
Spag bol
WM Roll (HEX B)Cheese (HEX A)
Muller lite
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WM Roll (HEX B)Cheese (HEX A)
Chicken, rice and salad
Beans, Quorn, sweet corn and potato
Cheese string and alpen bar - 10 syns
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Muller lite
Bacon and chicken + bread (HEX B)
JD X 3 + crisps (15 syns)
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Crisps (10 syns)
alpen bars
potato beans cheese sweetcorn
muller lite
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Turkey, cheese (hex A ) WM bread (hex B) dressing - 3 syns + crisps 7 syns and diet coke (really can't stop drinking it but wanted to buy cigs it was my compromise to myself).
Pepper, cucumber, carrot, lettuce.
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