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Extra Easy Online - attempting to maintain!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by vintagepockets, 19 January 2012 Social URL.

  1. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Hi everyone!

    I've been on SW for 2 weeks and MM since yesterday so Hi!!! :wave_cry:

    I posted on the "weight loss diary forum" but I am after some advice about my food diary so I thought this is probably the best place to go!

    I'm doing the Extra Easy plan online and so I don't have the support and advice of a group. My main concerns are that I'm not eating enough Super Free foods and that my syn level is too high - I normally average between 10-15 syns a day. It's amazing how quickly they add up!

    I'm not working at the moment so I'm getting up later than I'd like and breaking up most days with the gym so my eating times seem to be all over the place. Therefore, I'm going to try to include times too!

    So today's food diary:

    Breakfast - 12pm - 2 Nimble wholemeal slices
    (HEXb), 2 tsp Flora light (2 syns), 2 boiled eggs, Mullerlight vanilla

    Met the girls for lunch so made sure I ate before I went and just had tea w/ skimmed milk

    Lunch - 3pm - 2 Dark Rye Ryvitas (3 syns), quark, 6 slices cucumber, smoked salmon

    Snack - 2 maltesers (no idea how many syns... 1!?)

    Dinner - 7pm - Mum's chilli (syns from lean minced beef, bisto, sugar, oil - guess at around 4 syns!?) (SF mushrooms, peppers and onions) with rice

    Snack - 1 ferrero rocher (3.5 syns) 1 banana, grapes

    Drinks - 3 tea w/ skimmed milk (HEXa)
    Sparkling water
    (finding it a fantastic subsitute for wine :))

    Total Syns = 13.5

    I normally eat more veg but today was a low veg day for some reason.

    I lost 4.5lbs in my first week but only 1.5 this week. I did have a couple of meals out (was good with the food choices) and these included a couple of drinks - and I had a boozy night with the girls Saturday so I'm sure this has a lot to do with it

    Any advice would be amazing as I'm finding doing this on my own a bit stressful as I have no idea if I'm doing it right!? :confused:

    Thanks in advance!!! :D

    Last edited: 28 December 2012
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  3. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Couldn't sleep again last night so got up late and had brunch. Also went to the gym today! I really couldn't be bothered to go but I dragged myself and I'm glad I did although I'm tired now!

    My boyfriend has been up North and is coming back earlier than expected tonight so hopefully we'll have date night. I think we're going to go to Strada as I know there's a pasta dish on the menu that's virtually free although I'm probably going to have a glass of wine too! Only night this week though, so much better than normal as it would normally be a glass a night!

    Food diary...

    Brunch - 1 slice Nimble wholemeal (1/2 HEXb), baked beans, scrambled egg, 1 light choices cumberland sausage (1 syn), 1 tsp Flora light (1 syn)

    Snack after gym - 1 apple, 1 banana, 1/2 tin cold beans, 2 Mini babybel lights (HEa)

    Dinner - Out (wish me luck - I'm fully expecting to go over my syns although no where near as much as I normally would!)

    Tea x 3
    Mineral and sparkling water
    100 ml skimmed milk (1.5 syns)

    Gym - Bike, Treadmill, Crosstrainer, Rowing machine, weights - 1.5 hours

    Syn total = 3.5 (... so far!)
  4. teddysgoldengirl

    teddysgoldengirl Silver Member

    Hi! Wow congrats on your losses so far you're doing great! I lost 6lbs in my first fortnight on Slimming World and then slowed right down to 1lb / 0.5lbs loss each week ~ and then randomly some weeks I'd have a loss of 3 or 4lbs! You will definitely surprise yourself and all the small losses add up ! :)

    I know what you mean about the syns, they do add up! I found that hard at the start as well but I got into a routine whereby I saved my syns for evening time ~ I usually fill myself up at meal times with plenty of superfree foods and if I'm craving sugar I'll have a diet coke/diet 7up. I find melon really good for my sweet tooth too! And splenda is fab. I also sometimes snack on ham or cooked chicken if I have it in the fridge for times when I get really hungry. I almost always use my syns on chocolate and I find it better to leave it til last thing at night, as if I have chocolate during the day I crave it for the rest of the day; at least when I have it at night I'm going straight to bed!

    I do find it difficult with alcohol, I love my red wine and there's plenty of syns in that! It's hard to stop at the one glass :( There is a low syn wine called First Cape, apparently it's 12 syns for the bottle. The red isn't to my taste but the white isn't bad.

    Best of luck with it and I'm looking forward to reading your entries!
  5. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Thanks for the advice! I'll have to try out that wine as I do enjoy a glass at the weekend! I'll also try having cold meats in the fridge as that sounds like a great idea for snacks.

    I was a bit naughty last night and had a few glasses of wine, and a starter but no cheese on my pasta so that was my saving grace! Also, it could of been a lot worse as I tried to make healthy choices and had a seafood spaghetti pasta dish with a tomato sauce, so no creamy sauce.

    Food diary...

    Brunch - 2 slices Nimble wholemeal bread (HEXb), bakes beans, 1 light choices cumberland sausage

    Snack - had a few mouthfuls of my friends jacket potato which had cheese and coleslaw on it - whoops! Counting the cheese as my HEXa even though I definitely didn't have 30g so will also count it towards my skimmed milk that I've had in my 3 cups of tea today! (3 syns for the coleslaw - complete guess!)

    Few handfuls of lightly salted tortilla chips (6 syns)

    Dinner - SW Chicken Tikka Masala, SW Spicy potato curry, rice, 1/2 can San Miguel (4 syns)

    Dessert - Grilled banana w/ banana & custard mullerlight

    Syn Total = 14

    I tried to do an indian feast for an alternative to a takeaway/meal out tonight. It took ages but thankfully it was yummy and my boyf enjoyed it too! I got the recipes from the SW website. I didn't have any spinach and decided to use passata instead of yoghurt in the potato curry so it was more like a bombay potato... very nice so will be trying that again!

    I'm still sleeping badly so getting up too late for breakfast which is really starting to annoy me. Bought some Valerian root tea so hopefully that will help! Also got some light Horlicks sachets but will have to check the syns for that before I try it.

  6. Maddysmum

    Maddysmum Gold Member

    Menus sound good.
    Just word of advice, when you cook fruit you have syn it (never understood why though someat to do with the density changes when you cook it) so as your grilling your banana (ie cooking it) you have to syn it = 4 syns
  7. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Really!? Oh no I'm gutted that's one of my favourite puddings! :sigh:

    Thanks for letting me know!
  8. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Is there anything online that I could read about fruit as there doesn't seem to be much you can do with it apart from eat it raw (i.e. can't cook it or liquify it)? I want to make sure I don't make any other mistakes like this!

    Thanks for your help!
    Last edited: 21 January 2012
  9. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Question on the fruit debate...

    I've just read this article on the SW website. It states that cooked fruit is a syn, as like liquifying fruit, its broken down so you consume more of it without filling up like you were if you were to eat it whole/raw.

    Quote from the site...

    "The fruit in a crumble isn’t a Free Food. Fruit in its natural form is bulky, filling and often time-consuming to eat. Fruit that is cooked or stewed (and breaks down into a pulpy consistency) is a very effective way of adding a lot of extra energy (calories) in a non-bulky and non-filling way.
    If you were to eat an apple it’s quite a lengthy process to munch your way down to the core. If you were to make a portion of apple puree you’d need a lot more than one apple and it’s much easier to consume. It’s all about getting the most (optimum) satisfaction from your foods with Food Optimising. We count juiced and cooked fruit as Syns to protect your weight losses."

    As I grilled the banana lightly for a couple of minutes and the density didn't change, it was just warm, do you guys think that this would still be considered cooked (like in a fruit crumble) or warmed and so therefore technically free?

    Interested to hear your opinions....
    Last edited: 21 January 2012
  10. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    I've been researching this for ages and in my head a grilled banana has to be free. The calorie amount doesn't increase, you don't lose nutritional value, and it hasn't been broken down or pureed so my intake hasn't increased...

    I just can't get my head around why it's a syn when it its only been warmed...

    I'll have to submit a question to SW as this is going to drive me crazy! Another reason why going to group would be useful! :eek:
    Last edited: 22 January 2012
  11. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    I'll keep all my ramblings up here as others may find it useful. I had a discussion with others on the SW facebook page and here is the best answer...

    "I phoned syn hotline abt this and discussed it in class as I warm my fruit salad in a micro before adding yog, warmed fruit is not syns as the sugars have not broken down, it gets warm and breaks down wen ie chewing anyway, ur not consuming more than u were going to! So basically if it's warm and not cooked thru to release more sugars or become a pulp it's free! Make sense ?

    So I'm going to continue to eat a grilled banana as a treat, and consider it free. I just won't eat it everyday!

  12. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Breakfast - 1 Banana, Strawberry mullerlight

    Lunch - 2 Dark Rye Ryvita (HEXb), 6 slices cucumber, cottage cheese, smoked salmon, lean ham, 2 Babybel light (4 syns), Parma Ham (0.5 syns), 1 carrot, handful of grapes, 4 pickled onions, pickled beetroot


    Dinner planned for tonight - SW Carbonara (30g Parmesan = HEXa)

    3 Tea w/ skimmed milk (100ml = 1.5 syns)
    Sparkling Water
    1 Valerian root tea

    Total Syns = 6
  13. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Here is a pic of my SW Carbonara. I added courgettes, mushrooms and onions too so I could get in more of my SF!


    Had a coconut mullerlight for dessert which was amazing! Going straight out to buy a bunch more tomorrow!
    Last edited: 22 January 2012
  14. teddysgoldengirl

    teddysgoldengirl Silver Member

    Hi! Oh your carbonara looks amazing! Haven't had that in ages. I'd say your grilled banana is fine if you're basically just warming it. As long as you're not having it everyday. If you find that your weight loss is slowing down then perhaps it would be something to consider. Your indian meal sounds fab, I love trying new things so will be giving this a go sometime soon!
  15. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Thanks for the advice! I'll keep it to when I'm really craving sugar and try to limit my intake. I only really have it once (twice at the most) a week so it should be ok! The carbonara is great - it feels so indulgent having 30g parmesan with it though! I tried out the sticky chicken after seeing it on your thread and it was amazing... yum!

    Food Diary...

    Brunch - (slept in again :sigh:) 2 slices Nimble wholemeal (HEXb), half a tin of baked beans, mullerlight vanilla with grapes

    Dinner - SW Egg Fried
    Rice with SW Sticky Chicken... :drool:! (2.5 syns)

    Snack planned for later - Mullerlight coconut with mixed berries

    2 tea w/ skimmed milk (HEXa)
    Sparkling water
    1 valerian root tea
    1 glass champagne (4 syns)
    Soda water

    Gym - bike, treadmill, crosstrainer, rowing machine = 1 hour

    Total Syns = 6.5

    I'm meeting my friends (on a school night!) as we're celebrating her handing in her notice from a horrible job (the same one I left - hence my current unemployed status). I decided I'll have a glass of champagne and then it will be soda water. I can't afford it even if I could drink so should be easy to abstain!

    Last edited: 23 January 2012
  16. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Food Diary...

    Breakfast - Cherry mullerlight, 1 banana

    Lunch - 2 Dark Rye ryvita (3 syns) with cottage cheese and cucumber, smoked salmon, lean ham, parma ham (0.5 syns), 1 carrot, red onion/red cabbage/carrot salad, 2 babybel light (Half HEXa), pickled beetroot, grapes

    Dinner planned - SW Beefburger w/ 60g wholemeal roll (HEXb), lettuce, red onion, corn on the cob, SW Spicy sweet potato wedges (no oil), SW coleslaw, 1tbsp extra light mayo (0.5 syns), 2tbsps tomato ketchup (2 syns)

    Dessert planned - mixed berries, mullerlight vanilla w/ dark chocolate

    2 tea w/ skimmed milk (half HEXa)
    Sparkling water
    1 valerian root tea

    Total Syns - 6

    I've planned ahead and made the burgers ready for dinner tonight, just need to prep the sweet potatoes. I also made some SW coleslaw and SW houmous. For the houmous the recipe recommended 2 cloves of garlic, which after tasting, was a bit too much so I'll probably only use 1 next time! I didn't have a pepper so missed this out too so may not taste as it should!


    Last edited: 24 January 2012
  17. teddysgoldengirl

    teddysgoldengirl Silver Member

    Your dinner sounds delicious. I love sweet potato! Mmmm :) enjoy!!
  18. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Thanks... it was! :D Although I completely forgot to eat the coleslaw I made!

  19. cydonamc

    cydonamc Full Member

    Hi there,, your food looks lovely :D. if you find that the garlic clove is too much why not try garlic salt as an alternative?? i use it in my garlic and herb dip and you add as much or as little as you like :)
  20. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Thanks cydonamc... I'll try that next time!
  21. vintagepockets

    vintagepockets Gold Member

    Doing SW online, it really doesn't hammer it home that you have to eat 1/3 superfree with every meal. The way its worded makes it seem optional?! Reading the posts on here has made me realise how important it is. And looking through my food diaries its clear I am definitely not getting enough SF!

    WI tomorrow so we'll see if its done any damage! Definitely going to make sure I have my 1/3 SF from now on and also think I should start weighing out pasta/rice before I cook it as I know I cook too much and always eat what's on my plate!
    Last edited: 25 January 2012

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