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victoria sponge

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was going to give this a go today,and was wondering if mug shots, pasta n sauce and savoury rice are still free or are they regarded as syns?????:):confused:
I notice that not so many breakfast cerials are listed on the HB section..does that mean we can only have the ones stated on EE ?
Just to confirm....

Q. Can I enjoy any Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice with Extra Easy or just those listed in the new book?
You can choose any Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice you like! We wanted to keep our new Extra Easy book as simple as possible so we included the most popular Healthy Extra ‘b’ choices – bread, cereals, crispbreads. If you fancy porridge for breakfast, a bowl of soup for lunch or tinned peaches for pudding you can choose them from the extended Healthy Extra ‘b’ list in the Green and Original Food Optimising book.
still dont understand why they make a new booklet, and dont bother putting the complete plan in it! would make it easier for new people also!
oh thats great thanx v much for the info..havent been to class since the 23rd dec so ob im not gend up on this new plan yet, so any info is greatly received xx
thanks lentil xxx i dont do cereal usually but have got into oatibix minis they are yummy ..pleased i can still have them xxx
Extra Easy is just like Success Express, its to be used along side your main booklet.
is it just the same as succes express
Success Express is more restrictive than EE. You are only allowed to snack on super free food whereas with EE you can snack on free food.
Is there any way of getting hold of one of these booklets without attending class?

It's only one HEA and one HEB, is that right? So when you're talking about cereals, you are talking about using HEB???

Is this all official now? We allowed to talk about it?

Yes, it's 1 HEXA and 1 HEXB. You can use the same measures as you have in your book. It's just you don't need to spend your B's on potatoes or meat so your more likely to spend likely to spend them on cereals or bread.
Well it does sound remarkably easy, almost too good to be true. I'm going to give it a go from Monday as a nice easy way of getting back on track after the xmas pig-out. I just hope it works. It also strikes me as a good plan for people who like to eat out as I do.
ok ladies rejoined sw and was told by my leader , to make a fresh , start and do extra easy , i get weight tonite so we will see if it has worked , only thing ive done wrong is eaten chips lol , but i did count them has my syns , ive had 10 a day oo and its star week , so we will see , if it works its wonderful , because i have noticed u fell full up , and dont really want to snack has much ,o well i will let u all know if it has worked , has im a bit unsure has ive always been a green girl myself
woo hoo it worked 2 and a half off , im a extra easy girl now , so pleased , i think i may have found the plan for me , oo well cant wait till next week for weigh in thank u mom2 be slim xxxxx