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Extra Easy: Question regarding steak

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by SoldieronNatasha, 9 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Well-Known Member

    So I cooked a rib eye steak tonight and I read that as long as you trim the fat of the meat then it's free. The problem is though that there was no fat for me to cut off either raw or cooked. Am I missing something? It's not like a pork chop where you can see the fat so how can you cut it off?
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  3. Lucky7

    Lucky7 Well-Known Member

    That's fine then. I think it just means when there's fat on the edge. Sounds lovely!
  4. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Well-Known Member

    It was so yummy! I made it with SW chips and it was lush!
  5. If there isn't any fat, then it means it has already been trimmed off before you bought it.
  6. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Well-Known Member

    I just bought it from M & S it was matured for 21 days. I didn't think they normally cut off fat
  7. Berry85

    Berry85 Well-Known Member

  8. Berry85

    Berry85 Well-Known Member

    I think slimming world say 'remove visible fat' so if you couldn't see it it must be fine lol :) x
  9. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Well-Known Member

    Haha I'm being all paranoid cos I want to do it right this time! :) I did have a gain this morning when I checked so I hope it isn't the steak....
  10. kingleds

    kingleds Well-Known Member

    With ribeye there is usually a circle of fat right in the middle which melts into the meat as it cooks? Of all the steak cuts its the fattiest, so I tend to avoid it on SW. Its easier with Sirloin or rump to remove the fat.
  11. kingleds

    kingleds Well-Known Member

    P.S. There is no way one steak would sabotage your weight loss so you're defo being paranoid despite my previous!!
  12. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Well-Known Member

    Oh ok so next time I'll go for Rump or Sirloin :) I know I need to focus on the big picture it is just so hard because I've failed so many times and I was so happy with my loss last week and now it seems to just be going up when I am being so good :( I have a food diary on the food diary section if you wanted to have a look. I don't understand the gain at all
  13. It depends on how the meat is butchered. It is normal, for instance, for the butcher to leave the fat on a lamb or pork chop. Some steaks will be sold with a border of fat, some won't.

    And if there is no fat on the meat you have bought, then someone has cut it off.
  14. Iwillbeslim2014

    Iwillbeslim2014 Active Member

    Sometimes life is just not fair! Are you due on? Have you started doing a lot more exercise? Those things can have an impact ime - I did a half marathon last year and gained a stone! Don't give up - scales aren't always an accurate measurer of getting smaller anyway. Do you measure yourself? Sometimes you can gain, but still be getting smaller, so def worth taking your measurements once a month.

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