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Extra Easy Extra Easy Question - superfree?


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Hi all

I have been following SW since September, and lost over 6 stone in that time!!

EVERY DAY though, has been a green day! I would consider myself an expert on green days lol, but know nothing about Original and EE. In fact, despite my time on SW and my fantastic weight loss I feel like a noob!

I am having an EE day tomorrow at a friend's house, and am playing on having a week of it to see how I get on.

I think I understand most of it:
> Only one HEa and one HEb which you must have
> green free/red free foods are free.
> If a food has lower syns for green/red days then the lower amount is counted
>1/3 of the plate must be fruit or vegetables (as opposed to just superfree)

It is my last point I have a question with. Must it be an actual part of the meal, or can it be some fruit I eat after dinner?

Thanks in advance for anyone's help with this question, and if you have any other pointers they are muchly appreciated :)
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Hi, You got it, that is what you do, i do it both sometimes i have a third with my meal but whilst at work i make sure i have lots of fruit after my dinner, as i dont get chance to do a full dinner.

I still lose weight
I believe that the idea of 1/3 superfree is part of portion control - I've read on here that you can have it as fruit after if you leave 1/3 of your plate empty. I think it's just because it would be easy to over eat on EE otherwise.

I however follow EE 50% of the time, with green the other 50% and I don't follow the 1/3 rule - but that's just because it works for me without it! I did my first 3 (I think) weeks on EE and did okay.

Good luck, I'm sure it's a little scary for you at the mo because you've been used to doing something the same way for ages, but you never know, it might give you a jump start - it's good to have a change sometimes.


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Same as for EE but meat and fish are not free and have to either be synned or taken as a HEB. You get two HEBs and can have either one or two HEAs. There are some things that are HEBs on green that are not HEBs on EE such as soft cheese, nuts and seeds. Although there is no requirement to have one third superfree with each meal, that is still good practice so I would continue with it if possible.
Good luck, it will be breeze. I think come WI you'll be most nervous but you'll be fine. I like only being able to have 1 HEA and HEB, it feels more restrictive & I like that. The weirdo that I am, lol.



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hi i'm the opposite- i only have EE cos I'm not sure if I understand the green/red days fully. If I do green- does that mean I can eat anything from superfree food pages and green free pages and then choose 2 things from HEa page and then 2 things from HEb pages in the food optimising book and vice versa for a red day? x


I ♥ Slimming World :)
S: 24st0lb C: 17st0lb G: 13st12lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 7st0lb(29.17%)
cheraus, yes indeed that is right. You can have two HEa's if you like, but only HAVE to have one. Must have two HEb's though. Oh, and don't forget minimum of 5 syns, maximum of 15 every day too :)

Another EE question : If I have a meal like spaghetti bolognese, does the onion, tomato, mushrooms IN IT count toward my 1/3 superfree or do I only count what is served WITH IT?

Probably a silly question, and even sillier example to give lol, I am sure it WILL count toward the 1/3 whether it is IN it or WITH it, but would rather check now and be right from the beginning :)
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yes I spoke to my consultant and the food you put into your receipe does count towards your sf food

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