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Extra Easy - Really?

Hello there!

I've only been doing EE for two days, I'm very good with Red and Green, know them inside out. I'm confused with EE though, or maybe I'm just a bit stupid :sigh:

  • Does my breakfast have to have 1/3 superfree if I'm just having weetabix and milk (HE's), if so, I'd end up eating more than normal just for the sake of it.
  • Can I have a Mullerlight for pudding after tea without adding fruit - I really don't want fruit with yogurt, I find it gross. And I'd just be eating more than normal again.
I'm just confused because I feel I'm shovelling in more than I normally would when I'd be happy just with basic food! I don't wanna have fruit/veg with EVERYTHING!!
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i found the same but mainly with the breakfasts - find myself having a satsuma after it just for the sake of it to get my 1/3rd superfree in
Miffy, if you don't fancy all the extra fruit and veg then why not do green/red? The point of EE is that you eat less of the free green and red food because you fill up with veggies. I know some people spread their fruit out from breakfast for a mid morning snack which saves snacking on something else not quite so healthy.

I know what you mean about eating for the sake of having what you should I struggle to use my A's and B's sometimes but if you're full from meals then substituting some of the free food for superfree will help your weight loss and still keep you full.:)
Mullerlights are free so yes, you can have one when you want. Extra Easy recommendations say that for snacks you should think about superfree foods (fruit and vegetables) first - not that you can never have anything else.


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from day 1 i've only ate gran flakes + milk for breakfast both as extra easy.... and ive still got good losses... i have piece of fruit later in morning... i jjust cant eat cold fruit 1st thing in morning milks badenough lol


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I think you have to find what works for you. My 18 yr old son is doing the plan with me & for five days a week he does EE. He has a real aversion to fruit & veg, it's a nightmare feeding him! I make tuna, pasta & sweetcorn & he picks every piece of sweetcorn out ......... with stew he only eats the meat & onions, leaves the celery, carrots & swede. Grrrrrrr.

He has cereal every morning, never with fruit. I do encourage him to have it between meals but he never does. He loses ok though (averages out 1.5lbs a week) but then he's a chap & they do lose weight quicker than us due to their more muscular structure (& other stuff).
Thankyou for all your replies! I think I'm just struggling a bit because EE is being pushed so heavily as the plan of choice, which is great - it's nice to have tuna pasta with loads of tuna in it, or spag bol without measuring. But like I said, I don't see the point of eating more than I normally would just cos the plan says to do so, seems to go against the idea of losing weight to me.

I only snack on fruit or veg anyway, so I guess mid-morning I would have the fruit that 'should' be added to my cereal anyway.

Failing all that, I'm just gonna do red and green, it always worked before! x
I know what you mean about it being pushed. When I joined the C only really mentioned EE and I know it's been the same for other new members. One lady just couldn't understand it so the C asked if any of us were doing EE and could help explain. No one else in the group ever did EE which she was surprised about. I think we're all so used to green/red that it's too much for out little old brains to 'get' EE.:D


I am guilty of not having as much 1/3 superfree as I should on 2 out of 3 meals, in fact its probably the norm that I only have it mainly with my tea unless i'm having a cooked breakfast.

I am trying to recify this by recording my superfree, but surely we shouldnt eat for the sake of it :eek:

I dont eat much fruit as it makes my sugar levels crash and I begin to crave rubbish food.

It has not affected my losses.:D
I have just started SW (3 weeks ago) and I was reading my book this morning and it says you should have 1/3 super free with your foods on all the plans not just EE....


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I try to reduce the amount of food i have and just have more salad or veg. for example i will have spag bog in a small bowl with salad on a plate. My kids always say to me, how much are you eating.
thanks again peeps, I've had a green day and a red day the last two days and have still being having loads of fruit and veg, I just prefer to keep my breakfast simple!

I understand that the idea of eating the superfree is to dissuade you from snacking on other things, but if I wasn't snacking anyway then the fruit would simply be extra food that I neither want or need. So I'll stick to what I've ben doing I think! :)
- what your doing is fine! i know sw now say 1/3 superfree is deffinatly needed, but aslong as your having a good amount of fruit and veg a day i see no need to ruin your food by force feeding yourself more fruit u dont want.
i snack on mullerlight and my breaky is always alpenlights, and maybe 1 apple if i can stomach it.

i wouldnt fuss.. your doing fine.. dont stress too much!! x


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from day 1 i've only ate gran flakes + milk for breakfast both as extra easy.... and ive still got good losses... i have piece of fruit later in morning... i jjust cant eat cold fruit 1st thing in morning milks badenough lol
Are 'gran flakes' an old family recipe passed on through generations?!! LOL!! Sorry I couldn't resist that hehe!! X

According to the peeps at SW, the 1/3rd fruit & veg at every meal is just a suggestoin by them! As long as you're having plenty of superfree throughout the day, it's not a problem! It's come from HQ that if you're doing EE and finding that you're not happy with your losses, then you can try applying the 1/3 SF principle! People think it's a strict rule- it's only a guide/suggestion to help you! Don't forget, SW is really a healthy eating plan, so we should all be having lots of f & v in our diet anyway! SW are just trying to help us maximise this! It's up to us if we follow it up! OMG I sound like a real teacher's pet don't I!! how sad!!XXXX
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If you are having one of your healthy extras for breakfast then you don't need 1/3 vegetables, but if you were to have eggs and bacon you should plump it out with things like mushrooms and tomatoes.
Yoy beat me again Funcurls. I was going to say its a recommendation you dont have to eat 1/3 at every meal. They say it will speed up losses but it not a astrict rule.
Just a little point, may or may not help but there's no harm in sharing :) - the first time I started SW about a month ago, I'd eat the usual amount of free foods (ie fill my plate up), then eat double that amount superfree, thinking yeah well I won't gain any weight from fruit and salad... I gained weight in my first week and was put off straight away. The second time round, I've taken to first putting however much superfree I feel like in my plate, then taking half that amount free. I don't think it's that important to have free & superfree foods with every meal, my breakfast is just my healthy extras, unless I feel like having a banana on my cereal :) EE just seems too good to be true I think, so we're always looking for niggly things to worry about on it! xxx