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Hey Everyone :)

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you have a brilliant 2015.
I thought I'd post a thread about the new Extra Easy SP as I really want to give it a try this week and we could all share our meal ideas in this thread to help us on the new plan.



Extra Easy SP
50/50 of Speed & Protein foods.
1 HEA choice
2 HEB choices
Enjoy 5-15 syns a day



Fill your plate at each mealtime with S and P foods, and also as snacks between your main meals.
At least half of your plate should be full of S foods.
The S symbols is mainly in the fruit and vegetable sections but does not include potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, sweetcorn, mango, pineapple, kiwi, grapes or bananas.
The P symbols are in the fish, lean meats like beef, chicken, pork etc sections, along with eggs, beans, peas, pulses and vegetarian products such as Quorn and Tofu.
I have also noticed that low fat/free fat cottage cheese and Quark are also classed as P foods.


Choose one HEA and two HEB choices each day.
To speed up weight loss look out for the healthy extras with the S symbol.


Enjoy 5-15 Syns as usual!
If you want to occasionally eat something like "potatoes or a syn free yogurt" on Extra Easy SP this is okay to do and they are still classed as free food. But if you really want to boost your weight loss it is recommended that you stick to the S and P foods instead.

Good luck everyone and I hope you enjoy the new plan. :)
Stacey xxx
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So I can still have my scotch broth soup then x

Absolutely hun. I think I am going to really enjoy this plan. I used to like to do Success Express but think this is a better version of it now. xxx
I rejoined this evening and was heavier than expected :( but am very excited about the new SP plan. :)

I did notice that most of the fruit in my bowl doesn't have the S synbol next to it (ie: grapes; sharon fruit; and bananas) so I need to have a shake-up, which is just what I needed.

I also do a Fitness Bootcamp, and my trainer is always going on about increasing protein, so the P symbols are really useful for that side of things as well.

Overall am happy I went along, despite the numbers on the scales.
I have just spent the evening planning tomorrow's meals and I have wrote S or P next to all the foods I am having so I know I am following it right lol.
Good luck everyone who is also going to try it this week.
We have just booked a holiday so this is a great incentive for me to lose the weight now xxx
I put on quite a few pounds this week so I'm starting sp tomorrow and hoping for a really good result next week to shift what I gained. I'm always amazed at how quick it goes on and how slowly it can take to come back off!!

Out for dinner tmrw so I'm planning can king prawns for starter and steak with salad for main. Taking some chilli with me for lunch at work, will have it with salad.

Good luck everyone, will be excited to hear how everyone gets on with it xx
Would anyone mind just sharing some of their meals plans they are having this week, so I can get dome inspiration for this new SP plan. I'm returning to slimming world tomoro 9.30 ahhh !

Ta on advance x
I've been trying SP this week although finding it hard to get back on track so have let myself down with syns. I've had grapefruit and melon for breakfast. poached eggs, baked beans and tomatoes / mushrooms for lunch with HEB bread. Quorn chilli and butternut squash and carrot chips. Quark mixed with frozen berries for a lovely dessert. 2 x benefit bars for HEB

This was a good SP day.
Poached eggs, turkey / gammon and mushrooms / tomatoes for lunch.
Satsumas mid afternoon
Chicken breast with BNS and carrot chips
Quark and frozen berries
Options hot choc 1 1/2 syns
2 benefit bars
I have done SW in the past and usually did extra easy, never did sucess express as always found it too complicated, but have to say the new books are great easier to understand and once i get into in i will deffo be givin thr SP a go, seems really simple, cant wait to get started again
Thank you for this thread.

I rejoined yesterday after leaving in June and the consultant wasn't or wouldn't give a new me never talk as she expected there to be many people there next week!
All she asked me is if I recall the EE plan and said I could read the new SP plan myself!!

So actually sat there drinking a coffee whilst the helpers took money and weighed in people and gave the new packs out.

I know there was only probably me joining but still!!

The OP explained it so well! Thank you!! X