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Extra easy still unsure about what im doing.....help

Ive already asked my consultant once about 6 weeks ago but she didn't make it very clear.....how exactly do i follow the extra easy plan...

in my book it doesnt say anything about rules etc. My consultant said I am to have a 1/4 green 1/4 red and half super free.... and 3 meals a day, but I thought this was a bit like the success express plan that used to be used......

so what I really want to know is....

can i have red or green snacks in between meals, and how much super free food do i have to eat at meals when having red and green free foods altogether...... and do i have to stick to 3 meals a day or can i have smaller meals 4 times a day for example....

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First of all I'll direct you to the following thread which will be helpful

Far be it from me to contradict your Consultant, but as long as your meal consists of 1/3 superfree on EE there is no compulsion to have a mix of red and green at the meals. You can have just green foods or just red foods or a mixture if you like. This is what SW says so as far as I'm concerned they are correct.

You can have any free food as snacks (if you look at the SW magazine they often give chicken or ham or yogurt as snacks) BUT, they do say think of having superfree first.
I would add that if your doing extra easy and your having a 1/3rd of your plate superfree and still finding yourself hungery try bulking out your meals a little more and then you wont feel the need to pick between meal with free food, some people do as your consultant says but enernity is right in what she is saying....
Can I add something here?

When you have the 1/3 Super free foods, can this be included in the meal? If you were having a casserole with loads of veg in it, would these veg count as the 1/3 or would you need to have extra veg on the side?

Sorry, I always find this bit confusing!!!!

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