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Extra Easy???

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Packed with lots of filling Free Foods, each breakfast, lunch and dinner is satisfying, simple and super-effective for your weight loss.
Extra Easy tips for success!

  • Super-satisfying for the appetite and very low in calories. Fill one third of your plate with Superfree foods each mealtime, and enjoy a really healthy diet – without counting a single calorie.
  • Free Food – from red or green days - to keep it Free, trim all visible fat from meat and remove skin from poultry. Cook in any way as long as no fat is added; if you do add fat, count the Syns. Use fat free salad dressings, artificial sweeteners and all herbs and spices freely.
  • Every day enjoy one ‘a’ choice and one ‘b’ choice from the Healthy Extra lists.
If you can get onto the website (do you go to class?) then there is a full meal planner there (as in the magazine)
Just bought the magazine and will go to the class tmrw night.
so i can have as many "free" foods as i like and mix meat/fish with rice potatoes etc in the same meal?
for example i can have spag bol (of course SW friendly) ???

Sorry for being so dense - just sooo used to only have a red or green day!

Thanks soooo much x

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Yes you can have as many free foods as you like, mix it all up. Yes spag bol, beef curry & rice, fish & chips, shepherds pie etc.

To make it really work they suggest you have 1/3 plate superfree foods (veg/salad/fruit) but my SWC says that as long as you eat them (even as snacks) then don't worry too much about having it with the meal, though it would be easy to throw some veggies into spag bol etc!

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
No worries - give it a go! I'm doing it for the first time this week (if I can get to the shops to get any fruit!) :D


Never gets tired of SW!
I can vouch for extra easy!! It's what I do most of, although I also throw in the odd green or red for good measure (ie if I particularly want to have the extra HEXa and HEXbs for whatever reason!!) It's so easy and family/couple friendly! My husband can eat the same meals as me without the whinge factor and I get to enjoy a huge variety of 'normal' meals without the restrictions! X
ok - so with extra easy do you not have healthy extras then??
Also - if i have an extra easy lunch - meat with rice for example do i have to have meat and a carb type thing for dinner??
Again - sorry for my denseness!!! xx


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hi! you still have healthy extras but are only allowed one a choice and one b choice instead of two of each.

yes you can have meat and carb at both meals, but you dont HAVE to! its great xx

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Yes you have 1 HEa & 1 HEb from either choice (but not cheese as a HEB)
No, there are no rules with what you can mix - you could just have stir fry with meat & no carb if you want, or vice versa!

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