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Extra Easy


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Can anyone give me the 'bones' of the EE plan please? I can't find the booklet I was given when I joined and my consultant wasn't prepared to give me any info about it - she just said she would find out if I can buy another book.

Am I right in thinking I have 1xHexA and 1xHexB per day and can only snack on superfree foods except at mealtimes?

Thanks in advance!

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Firstly i would find a new consultant - s/he sounds most unhelpful and is very unlikely to help you get to target!

The bones of EE is that if a food is free on red OR green you can eat it freely infcluding have red and green in one meal. You are only allowed 1 A and 1 B and your normal syn allocation. Regarding the syns if you eat a sausage that is 2 syns on red and 20 syns on green you take the lower syn value so it would be 2. You can obviously use superfree foods to snack on but you do get your normal 5 - 15 allocation.

They recommend that you fill up your plate with 1/3 super free foods which most of us probably do anyway.

ps - please find another group if there is one near you. Losing weight is hard as we all know as we deserve to have supportive people around us nt those that are trying to help us fail!


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Thanks very much for your reply couscous.

Can you have any food (red/green) between meals for snacks or is it just superfree foods? Think I am getting this muddled with WW Core plan!:eek:

I would like to go to another class but have a problem finding one where they don't mind me turning up late (hubby doesn't get in until 7-45 ish). Don't really want to bad mouth the consultant as I know it is a very busy class, but I do think she needs to be more attentive to all her members needs.
you can eat any food from the red or green book between meals and use your syns as you would before altho im fairly new to this i think the only big diference is you only have one a and one b choice
even tho your class is busy thats no excuse for your consultant not to be bothered thats why you pay the money for the support not just to get weighd altho you get better support on here take care xx
I run my own business so I am often late for my class and i explained this to my leader and she was fine with it. Thinking about it why wouldn't she be? She gets my money (and the magazine, bars, books etc) and doesn't have to give me the full hour as I am often late.

I know you don't want to bad mouth your consultant but perhaps log onto the web site and find another class and email or ring her and explain that you would like to come to her class but might often be late and would she mind?

I doubt very much that she would to be honest and if she does you can stay where you are with nothing to lose.

Of course if i were braver (which I'm not) i would follow the EE plan and get a stunning weight loss and when they have image therapy you can say thanks i did it all by myself with no help from you! Of course i wouldn't ever do that but i feel like doing it for on your behalf.

As i say weight loss is hard and we all need support, we all deserve support so good luck to you. x x


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I think you are right, I need to do a bit of research and find a new class. I try not to stay too often at this one because she often doesn't seem to listen properly to anyone during image therapy.
just sent you another email if it fails send me a pm with your email address on hon and i will sort out the booklet for you

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