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Extra evening meal?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Mummyshelleycat, 26 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Mummyshelleycat

    Mummyshelleycat Full Member

    Hi, I do really well during day, 3 lovely slimming world meals, breakfast at 7am dinner at midday and tea at 5 however around 8pm I start getting very hungry pre slimming world this was our take away time, now this has been replaced with slimming world meal, started with a snack but lately getting very hungry! Last night for example was slimming world chips done in actifry and cauliflower curry sauce, I don't go to class and not managed scales as yet, I just wondered if this is ok?
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  3. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Would you normally have had a takeaway on top of the 5pm tea? If not why eat tea early and get hungry later? Maybe a decent superfree/free snack late afternoon would see you through to a slightly later evening meal. Something with boiled eggs involved always help me get through when fruit and carrot sticks just won't cut it. Otherwise technically it's ok to do it because if you are hungry you should eat so having an extra meal wouldn't be a problem in theory as long as you apply the 1/3 rule. It may be worth reviewing how much you are eating during the day and what balance of protein to carb you have at each meal to try and make yourself feel more satisfied throughout the day and less likely to get those pangs. Is it genuine hunger or psychological hunger? Could you be really thirsty? That will also manifest as hunger. Try having a pint of water and waiting 30 mins. If you are still hungry then you should eat. If its habitual then you may need to work on breaking the cycle.

    So what I have rambled about is that it depends upon the cause for the hunger as to how you react to it but on the whole it should be ok.
    Last edited: 26 January 2014
  4. Mummyshelleycat

    Mummyshelleycat Full Member

    Thanks for your reply, I am really hungry at this time I think it's as the children are in bed and I actually relax, I suppose if I went to bed at 8 it wouldn't effect me, each meal I have I am hungry and don't eat for eating sake but we are very routined as my son has asd x
  5. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    The main thing on any diet is not to feel hunger......it's asking for trouble in my opinion. When I let myself get hungry, that's when I will reach for anything available and scoff, scoff, scoff!!
    If you are genuinely hungry then I would say eat, though it maybe worth considering if you are eating enough at mealtimes if you are still hungry. Personally, I find that once I have eaten a large evening meal, I don't really want anything else but we are all different.
  6. Mummyshelleycat

    Mummyshelleycat Full Member

    Thank you for replying to be honest I am stuffed after 5pm meal!!! Maybe if just is habit was hoping I wasn't alone lol
  7. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    You won't be alone!! At the end of the day if you lose you know its ok. I agree its really important to not be hungry
  8. Jolly81

    Jolly81 Full Member

    Do you have pudding after your 5pm dinner? Maybe 8pm could be your pudding time where you have a mullerlight and some yummy fruit to satisfy you with an after dinner coffee?

    I think is be starving by 8pm too if I ate dinner with my son (his is at 5.30) but I totally understand you need routine :)
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  9. Mummyshelleycat

    Mummyshelleycat Full Member

    Thank you so much for replying :) going to try Saving my dessert for late night snack :) x
  10. RM07

    RM07 Silver Member

    Are you drinking enough water? Try having a glass of water 10 minutes before each meal or when you start to feel hungry. I find that sometimes when I feel hungry I'm actually thirsty and a good glass of water sorts me out.

    I don't eat my evening meal until 7.30-8pm but I make sure I have carrots, quark, muller lights, low syn treats and low syn popcorn in for post tea nibble options. Also I have Options sachets in for a quick and low syn chocolate fix.
  11. Mummyshelleycat

    Mummyshelleycat Full Member

    Thank you for reply tomorrow going to try more water xxx
  12. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    Hi I always eat with my son too, what I do is save my healthy extra of cheese (you can have 60g of low low, so feels like loads) and have it with Melba toast (half a syn each), save my syns for chocolate and hot chocolate. If I am really hungry I will have either some chickpea Dahl loaf or some sw chips and mushy peas. There is an article on the site today that says its fine to have two meals so long as you are genuinely hungry ad you are still cooking sw way http://group.slimmingworld.com/useful-features/mum-survival-guide.aspx
  13. Mummyshelleycat

    Mummyshelleycat Full Member

    thanks for all replies i have worked out why now, the lovely monthlys i always get hungry with pmt :(
  14. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

    I don't eat my evening meal util 6-7pm

    I have a snack mid afternoon, either super free with veggie sticks and cottage cheese, or if I've not had my HEXB (I tend to have fruit and yogurt am) maybe a highfi bar or something.

    Don't forget to use your syns! you could always have them in the evening I love a curly wurly and bag of wotists washed down with sprite zero all for 10 sins lol!
  15. Mummyshelleycat

    Mummyshelleycat Full Member

    Now that sounds lovely xxx

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