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Extra help to keep going

I did SW after my first pregnancy and did ok but after the second one, it all went wrong so although I only started on Monday I feel the need to record my food intake & excercise so here it goes:

Breakfast: Fat free yogurt + 1 banana

Lunch: Fish + couscous + oven cooked veg (onion, courgette, peppers)

Snack: 2 slices of Nimble (Hexb) + 4 Laughing cow light (Hexa)

Dinner: Homemade veg soup

I am off to the gym for 1h30 doing cardio........

I am really not good with syns, so for the first few weeks I will only use them if I am out........
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Today is an extra easy day:

Breakfast: Fat Free Yogurt + fruit (Apple + Banana)

Lunch: King prawn + veg (stir fry) + noodles (all cooked with fry light) + soy sauce & chinese spices

Snack: Fruit + 2 slices on Nimble + 4 Laughing cow light

Dinner: Homemade soup (left over from last night) + fruit

Drinks: Water and black coffee

Extra easy is quite new to me so I would appreciate any comments on this so I can make sure I am doing it correctly. Thank you!!


by name, wide by nature
hey libellule

i'm quite new to this tbh but from what i've read you really do need to be getting at least 5 syns a day... i'm doing that by having 2 slices of toast before bed..

best of luck with it!
Today started quite well.............

Breakfast: Fat free yogurt, strawberries and grapes

Lunch: Jacket potato with baked beans

...........then we were invited to a bbq (in the rain) and it went a little wrong:

Chicken (marinated in honey), colslaw (homemade with light Mayo), potato salade (made with mango, onions, curry powder, light mayo)
In terms of syns.........it was about 2 tbs of Light Mayo + the honey from the marinade but I don't know how many syns that is.

The good thing is I was driving back so stayed clear of the wine.........
Breakfast: Fat free yogurt, pear + banana

Lunch: Pasta, king prawns, Garlic, Parsley + grapes

Snack: 2 slices of Nimble + 4 laughing cow light

Dinner: Home made soupe (potato, carrot, onion, courgettes + veg stock) + fat free yogurt

Syns: 4 custard creams

Tomorrow is the day so I hope I've lost a little bit of weight......
An other Extra easy day:

Breakfast: Fat free yogurt + banana + black coffee (that was much needed)

Lunch: Paella (rice, onion, red & yellow pepper, green beans, chicken + paella spices)

Snack: 2 slices of Nimble (HEXB) + 4 laughing cow light (HEXA) + apple

Dinner: Homemade soup (Carrot, courgette, onion, potato + vermicelli) + fat free yogurt

Syns: 6 (tbsp of olive oil for the paella)
EE day:

Breakfast: Fat free yogurt + banana + grapes

Lunch: Veg stirfry with chicken and noodles + melon

Snack: Ham + 4 laughing cow light (HEXA) + 2 slices of nimble (HEXB)

Dinner: Homemade soup + grapes

1 hour at the gym
EE day:

Breakfast: Banana + fat free yogurt

Lunch: Chili con carne + rice + salad + melon

Snack: Fat free greek yogurt + grapes

Dinner: Baked beans + melon & grapes

Syns: 1 tsp of mustard =1 syn
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Hi libellule33,

I'm new to SW and am doing EE too, your meals look great and I wish I could keep the syns down as low as you :)

Thanks for the notes on the BBQ, I am off to one this weekend and was worrying about what to have. You've given me a couple of ideas on what to bring, thanks. :)

Hi Juju79,

I always worry about bbq's but now i just take my own food with me and share it with my friends............a personal favourite is Chicken breast marinated in spices and fat free yogurt. I then put it on skewers with peppers and onions............its great and totally free.
EE day:

Breakfast: Banana, grapes, fat free yogurt

Lunch: veg stir fry + chicken + noodles + spices + soy sauce + melon

Snack: 2 laughing cow light + 1 slice of nimble + melon + grapes

Dinner: Soup made of (potato, carrot, courgette & onion + free chicken stock)

Syns: 1 tsp of olive oil = 2syns

1h20 at the gym
today is one of those day when I am starving and could eat anything so:

Breakfast: Fat free yogurt + banana + grapes

Lunch: Lean bacon, baked beans, eggs + 2 slices of nimble (HEXb)

Snack: Fat free Greek yogurt with sweetener + apple + melon

Dinner: Spanish omelette (potato + onions + egg) + large salad (lettuce + peppers)

Syns: 2 tbsp of ketchup = 2 syns
2 tbsp of extra light mayo = 1 syns

Total of 3 syns today

No gym for me today
EE day:

Breakfast: Fat free yogurt

Lunch: Pasta salad (carrot, onion, sweet corn, tuna, 1boiled egg, beetroot) with fat free yogurt + mustard

Snack: 2 slices of nimble + 4 laughing cow + melon

Dinner: I finished the pasta salad I made for lunch + melon

Syns: 1 tsp of mustard: 0.5 syns
3 tbsp of extra light mayo: 2 syns

1 hour at the gym and a lot of running after the kids!!
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by name, wide by nature
well done with the 5lb!
EE day:

Breakfast: Fat free yogurt

Lunch: SW chips, 2 eggs + 1 slice of ham + melon

Snack: 2 slices of nimble + 4 laughing cow + 1 dairylea (3.5 syns)

Dinner: Homemade soup

Syns: 3.5 syns (cheese) + ice cream (1 scoop) but no idea about the syn value
EE day

Breakfast: Fat free yogurt

Lunch:SW chips + 2 eggs + 1 slice of ham + melon

Snack: ice cream + biscuits + nimble + 4 laughing cow light

Dinner: homemade soup

Syns: Way over 15 (I got bored and started eating biscuits!!! Weigh in 2morrow so not proud of myself!!)
I am looking at your menus and thinking you aren't eating much! I would be starving on this!!! well done on your weight loss :)
After a week off that wasn't good for the diet, I am back:

Green day:
Breakfast: Fat free yogurt + banana + grapes
Lunch: Baked beans, boiled potatoes, 2 eggs cooked with fry light + apple
Snack: 2 slices of nimble + 5 laughing cow light + grapes
Dinner: Spicy veg pasta (peppers, onions, courgette, aubergine, passata, garlic, chilies)
Syns: 3 biscuits =6 syns

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