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Extra Lean Lamb Mince

Darn it..misread the title lol... Tesco's do a lean lamb mince, but haven't seen extra lean.
I do my shopping online with Tesco - they don't have it, nor do Ocado - been into Asda, M&S and my local butcher and they only seem to have normal lamb mince
I edited my original post, I misread, though it was regular mince not lamb..lol

I'm having one of those days!
could you not use the Tesco healthy living lean one? You can always work out the syns but remeber if you cook it & drain off all the excess fat then it should be lower in syns anyway??
Unfortunately I think it does make a difference. Yesterday I made some lamb and mint burgers using Tesco lean mince - the problem with making burgers is that you dont get an opportunity to drain off the fat, like would if you were cooking the mince in a pan.

When I ate the burger - I could tell that it was still very fatty - it was marked as lean, but that still had "up to 16% fat" on the label - and you could taste it.

Was lush though!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I make lamb burgers. I put everything in a food processor. Once mixed, I then shape into burgers, seal them on both sides in a pan and then either finish them off in a really hot oven, or on the barbeque. The fat will come out of them.
I dont count mine as syns, it hasnt effected my weight losses and I cant afford to spend the money on extra lean mince.
Well, I could only find lamb mince - not even lean. Im going to chance it, and I think I'll cook the burgers on the George Foreman grill to make sure as much fat comes out as poss. Do you think it'll be ok?
I've found lean lamb mince but not extra lean in Tesco or Waitrose. The normal mince works out as 1 syn per 28g raw so I just count the lean as 1/2 syn per 28g raw so a 500g pack would be about 9 syns.

TBH though I never usually count it - I made a lean lamb mince lasagne last night and it served 4 so would've been about 2 syns for my portion. I suppose if you don't drain off fat then I'd count it but it's one of those things you have to find what works for you!

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