Extreme Makeover 18th October 10pm Living TV


The Diet Guy
Katie Perks who is the Cambridge Slimmer Of The Year is appearing in Extreme Makeover on the 18th October at 10pm on Living TV.

She looks absolutely amazing having met her a couple of weeks ago and would recommend tuning in to see her transformation.

Cool! Mike - why don't you put this in the calendar so we get a reminder on the main page nearer the time? I know I'll forget!
Yep, my CDC old me about it although she said it was the 17th October. I'm looking forward to it. Her CDC (she is good despite what I say; that's why I stick with her) has done an absolutely amazing job.
Is that the same programme which did Jade Goody's mother? What a difference in her - although she looked about 100 years old before and not 49 which I think is her real age. Saw a photo in the newspaper of her teeth - before the dentistry work - I was quite alarmed, how can anyone let their gums get in that state?
I'll definitely be watching....I met Katie last year and she looked like a completely different person then so am really looking forward to seeing the results of her Extreme Makeover...:)