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Extremely Scared!!

Hi Guys, New here just joined today! Iv been doing TFR for 6 weeks now and had aimed to do it for another week so i could have one week re-feeding as it is my brothers wedding on the 4th of September (Which is why i was doing it in the 1st place) iv been reading some posts today and have gotten completely freaked out as they say you can get extremely bloated and not to drink for a few weeks, the other issue is i have my holiday for the year booked for 2 days after the wedding. Im just consious that if i only do a week re-feed and then go back to eating normal (Yet much smaller portions and very few carbs) that i will bloat so bad for the wedding and for my holidays.

Any advice as im so scared now and my pharmacist is useless!!

P.S iv seen extremely low weight loss on TFR even though i have stuck to it completely. my pharmacist has no idea why but keeps telling me that he has never seen such low weight loss.

Week 1 -6lbs
week 2 -3.5lbs
Week 3 -4.85lbs
Week 4 -3lbs
Week 5 -3.5lbs
Week 6 Weigh in today!!
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Is your pharmacist completly crackers?
He reckon the weight losses you are having are low?
Give him a smack around the head and tell him to do his job properly! You have lost just over 20lbs in 5 weeks .... well above the average weight loss on LT for a woman! Jeees!!

With the refeeding - if you feel like you would be more comfortable having done 2 weeks refeed then go for it. You can do a refeed for aslong as you like :)
Thank You So much Summergurl! The wedding is in 2 weeks so would you advise to do a week of re-reed and then a week of maintenace or another week on TFR and one week re-feed?
I really wish i came on here sooner, as iv been so down after each way in!!:(
Thanks you for posting a reply


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
S: 19st6lb C: 11st6lb Loss: 8st0lb(41.18%)
Are you ready to refeed? Are you prepared for it, like know what your doing etc?

If you have a wedding then 2 days after have your holiday me personally i'd be inclined to have a 2week refeed - longer the better imo. :)
Had my weigh in Yesterday evening only lost 2.5lbs, after a week of not eating its very dis-heartening, any way today is the 1st day of me re-feed so fingers X'd!
Bit dissapointed that i didnt lose as much as i wanted to in time for the wedding, but at least its a platform for me to go on and lose more weigh!
Thanks Summergurl! :)


Here we go again!
You've done brilliantly on LT! Don't be disappointed. Like Summergurl said, you have lost over the stone a month that LT say you should. I don't know what your pharmacist is on, really I don't!!

My chemist told me I should be losing 4-7lbs a week!! How stupid is that. If LT say a stone a month, then I'm happy with that.

You should be proud of what you've achieved and I bet your brother will be really proud of you at his wedding. Have a lovely holiday too!!
Aw thanks so much Bev, to be honest i am feeling ,uch brighter today about it all, iv lost 2 stone this summer, and its 2 stone that i would still have on me if i didnt do it.
very scared about re-feeding this week, and i forgot my shakes when leaving for work today so i havent had anything all day, im a bit confused as to what to do this evening should i have my 2 shakes and 1st light meal all this evening?

irish molly

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Well done on your losses to date. I agree with the others and say that you have lost the average per LT guidelines. I averaged a stone a month with some weeks only showing a sts or 2lbs bit it all averaged out.
Go for a long refeed rather than hopping on and off tfr. Read several of the diaries on the refeed section and plan out your own menus from that. Watch portion sizes very carefully, less is always better.
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Hi shopper, I'm in the same boat as you, been 100% an only having 1 to 2lb losses per week, and your right the pharmasists are useless, everywhere says you should loose a stone a month, so when that drops to 1/2 a stone a month , your confidance hits the floor, the lipotrim help lines no use either, when i rang them I detected a definate hint of YOU MUST BE CHEATING. I'm trying maintainance for a few weeks then going back to 100% has its been suggested that this may alter my matabolisum and kick start the bigger losses, if not I guess I'll just have to except its going to take me longer than I thought to get into those size 10 jeans again. I've found the last month hard, the low losses really get you down but after giving myself a good talking to I've accepted the fact that where all different and its going to take some of use longer than others to reach our goals, A LOSS IS A LOSS, AFTER ALL.


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I'm doing a semi refeed (24/08) as I'm going next wk weekend, and was told that by Lipotrim that I can continue doing the first day to two of the beginning of refeed till I return. That is only because I was struggling to eat the solid minimum requirement and I gave them a call to see what I could/ should do.

I hope this helps and if not then Please give Lipotrim/ Howard Foundation a phone call as they have Dr's and other Specialists who can advise you the best, as each one of us are different and may work differently.


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