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F A L L I S C O M I N G . . .

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Just been doing some more "research" into my new "fall" wardrobe... :) Im really loving the new stuff at river island.

Just wondering how everyone is coping with their wardrobe at the moment??????

I got almost 1 stone to go - 12 pounds - most of my clothes now are like too big if they were purchased in the last 3-4 years and the ones that fit me are 4+ years old - i love them but obvisiously fashion has changed slightly and also im not in my 20s now so not sure if people will look at me and go wtf does she think she is a teenager??

I know the next stone off me will probably make a big difference - so i am hestitant to start buying new clothes now cos i dont want to waste any money on clothes that are not going to look good on me in 4 weeks time.

But I so want to look great now tooooo.... I guess I could buy 1 or 2 tops now? Then buy a couple new things in a couple of weeks time??

What has everyone else been doing in the clothing department??

Who else is going to be at goal for the start of the new season???

I remember reading some people have purchased whole new wardrobes in smaller sizes?! lol

Interested to know what u are all doing as the fat drops off u! xox
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i'm walking around looking like a tramp with oversized clothes on LOL

I want to lose another stone and a half before i buy any new clothes - i will just make do until then. then i will just buy a few until a couple more stone comes off, then buy some more. until i reach goal and then i will spend my husbands entire wages for the rest of the year on clothes!! woohoo lol xx
S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb
awesome! lol xox
I am at a funny stage. All my pre pregnancy clothes are still too tight on me and the bits and pieces i bought for the summer are too big! Planning on buying some nice tops to tide me over until back in old clothes, long enough to hide my gathered in jeans!!


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It's bloody Autumn not Fall... :p

I bet you say a-loo-min-um n all ;)
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ill kick u to the kerb very handy.... :)


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what things are you worried about wearing, maybe you could get some cheap 'now stuff' to team with them, like a diff top or bottom to match another one you have already?

I have a great mini skirt that keith bought me a couple of years ago, but its quite goth, which is ok, but i'm 37 now! not sure if its suitable anymore, so i was thinking, when i get in it, of mixing it with ballet pumps rather than kinky boots and a fitted black/purple wooly, rather than the punk/goth t shirt he got with it.

you tell me, you are the young trendy one!

get all your clothes out on the bed, and take a creative look at what you could mix with them. new look and matalan are cheap enough for a season, to make do till you drop the weight, or next river island etc... save the dream buys till later.

by next year the other stuff you have will be back in again!

great thread, i need loads of help here, i am so not with the fashions, keith says i dress eccentricly, but i think i'm just unfashionable!

good luck and post loads of clothes piccies and we can play 'dress julz!'

cant wait to get to target and be able to do that look with nice long top with chunky belt, leggings and ugg boots!! Other mothers in school yard will not know whats going on with me they so used to seeing me in sporty gear!!


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
i can just see there faces dropping as you shimmy down the road now, lol, the jealousy will kill them i am sure!!

not far to go for you now either, just a few weeks really :D
Until Tuesday i was walking round in my old clothes which were about two sizes too big , no one was noticing my weight loss as the baggy clothes were burying me, it started to get me down and i felt like a tramp then i realised... dum dum dummmmmm my rather trendy mum was two sizes smaller than me so i am now wearing her clothes.. most of which are cast offs I have grown out of so im back in my old clothes in a round about way


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My wardrobe has that many sizes in there ranging from 10 - 16!!

I'm mainly in 12's now, except for trousers which are a size 13!!!! My mum is a machinist so I got her to take all my clothes in until I got to goal and then I went out and bought loads of lovely stuff!!


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you look fantastic in your pics sharon

h xx
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I'm like Sharon in that my wardrobe has clothes from size 14 upwards. Not sure I can ever wear my rara skirt again but would love to fit back into it!!! Lol!

With the sales on at the mo you should be able to pick up a couple of items to see you through the summer. I am loving the new skirts I bought in New Look and have been wearing them over and over - just coz I can!! Lol!!!

This is a dilemma for me too, julz. The thing I hate is that baggy clothes make you look SO much fatter. I have dropped to a size 16 from a size 20 and still have 3 stone to go to get to my ideal size 10. All my trousers are HUGE and make me look like I have a lardy elephant's arse, and as I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks I have bought some new stuff recently. Haven't gone mad but got quite a bit in the Next sale cos everything was half price, and then I won't mind bunging it all in a charity bag when I get down to my slinky size 10! xx
E-bay! sell, buy, sell, buy, sell, buy, simple! No monies spent!
T x

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just before i started LT i bought loads of lovely summer clothes in a size 16 for my holiday and put them in my case.

then recently, i got them outta my case to try on before i go. and they are all too big!! i will be able to wear them as they arent falling down yet, but a couple of weeks after i get back i will be ebaying them i think!

im not gonna buy any more for a while.......well apart from the two new bikini/tankini's i just won on ebay (bnwt of course, dont fancy my bits where someone else has had theirs!

oh and Julz, when i first read the title of this thread.....FALLISCOMING......i thought you were trying to say "phallis coming".......was expecting an X rated thread hehehe!!!

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I cannot wait until Xmas time - I'm only asking for money or Jane Norman gift vouchers from family and hopefully will have some pennies saved up by then too. Also any overtime we get at Xmas (I work for Royal Mail so make sure you all post your cards so I can get overtime lol) will go towards a new wardrobe too! I'd better be a size 8 by New Year lol xx


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Hi hun,

I'm working my way back down through the sizes in my wardrobe, makes a change from workin upwards, so still got some to wear until I get really near target.

I would say don't go mad but would definitely get a few bits that fit cos ur worth it and I think you should show off ur figure as you go along. Lots of sales at moment and the supermarkets are well priced. Either that or scrounge if you have any tiny friends/relatives x
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Hang on as long as possible if you can hun, when I was at the same point as you I started to buy stuff cos I couldn't resist and needless to say it is all completely useless now and I ended up giving most of it away. Buy a few key bits to keep you ticking along and then go for it big time!!