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F.A.O Fallen, Jules77, cavycrazy,Ghdgirl & Buffydog!!!!!


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Hi Everyone...

so this is going to be our little team.. we have all got to decide who will be team leader.... and we need to think of a name, fallen has already made a suggestion which is cool as i can't think of one as yet. I don't know how many teams there are so far so cant say we are team XX if y'know what I am on about. lol

and then when we have decided who the the team leader can decide what we need to start off, for examples, wi days, diaries, support chat, what plans we are on, start photo's ... etc..

so Ladies get your thinking caps on!
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same here, I`m off to bed but hopefully brain will be refreshed by morning......
Nessa you should be leader you started the post for team, and you sound like you have your thinking head on.....lol


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Morning Ladies!

Morning Ladies

I hope your brains are all refreshed and ready for day one, in our little team....

Being that 3 of you have already voted for me to be team leader I am more than happy to take this post and hopefully it will keep me on the right track knowing that I have a team to motivate, so thank you. If anyone later on decides that they would like a go I will be more than happy to move aside.

First of all before i start an official thread we need some names, so any suggestions would be fantastic. Fallen suggested keora ketosis (to early in the morning to check spelling) lol

When the name have been decided and the official thread has been opened i would like all members to post a recent photo of themselves, what their start weight is, what plan they are on. i would also like you to post at least once a day on the official thread on how much water you have drunk.

I would like all members to set there own mini targets on how much weight they would like to lose a week. I was thinking of making a reward chart kind of thing and tracking how much weight each of you lose and the first one to reach a stone will get a nessa made certificate, however i would like everyones input on this, good idea or bad idea?

if i think of anything else i will pop on and call out... any thoughts or ideas on anything, hit me with them!

Have a good day.... and hopefully by tonight we will have a name and an official thread open.


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The other thing i have just thought of, is how many of my team has a pedometer/step counter? If anyone wants to joins in with me I have set a target of 6000 steps a day, I know it should be higher but i thought to start off small and work up.

I vote you as leader too. :D:D:D You seem really organised and switched on to keep us all on track.

I have a very busy hectic few weeks ahead of me with work and outdoor events but will try to keep up as much as can.

Cant think of any names, am pretty rubbish at that kind of thing. :p

Will try put my thinking cap on today though...perhaps if we all suggest one name then we can put it to the vote. ? I am easy though and will go with whatever we all decide.

good name suggestions!!
What plans are we all on?
Is it just CDers.
I`m not on CD til tues morn,but am currently on Atkins, although weight loss has stopped:cry:
when do you want us all to post with now weights etc??
I`m busy working this week, but will try and pop on quickly every day during dinner and once kids are in bed.
What about "skinny minis" as thats what were gonna be!!!!!!!!
maybe already taken
Is there a list of all other teams somewhere?

Maybe we should all introduce ourselves;
such as weight now, goals, kids, jobs where live etc, just to get to know our team mates a bit better.
Hi all.... I like skinny minis too...... I'm no good at name stuff but heres mine....The Wasting Waisters.... or The Wannabes...:doh:.... well I did say I was no good!!!

Anyway... my story... I'm 31 years of age and come from good ole Norfolk. I've been married to my hubby Steve for 4 years now and we have a little boy, Leon who's nearly 15 months. I've been overweight for as long as I can remember, about 10 years ago i lost about 5 stone with SW, bought a pair of size 14 trousers for a job interview, wore them that one day and never fitted into them again!!! As for work... I've been quite lucky really, at the end of my maternity leave I handed my notice in as childcare and petrol cost made work impossible, they then offered me the option of doing my job part-time from home... so thats what I do.... it means times like these when Leon is asleep I have to work but its also means I don't have to miss out on time with him and am still able to earn a small income. I'm a technical administrator for a large turkey producer by the way!!!

Anyway... enough driveling for now.... my starting weight was 151lbs, 17st 13 and I weigh in on Thursday mornings.

Jules x
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I love the name skinny minis, i think that should be our team name.

my story, well not a lot to say really, I am 28 come from norfolk, born in norwich. I have 2 children, a 4 year old called Josh, and a soon to be 2 yr old called Ellie. I have been on and off Cambridge for a year or so because of money being tight, my dad dieing last year 8 days before christmas and a lot of other things too, that i really don't want to go in to. i have been on various diets that i can say did not work for me, if you had met me last year i was a size 24 and weighing in at 14 stone and 2lbs, a year on i am now a size 12 and weighing in at 9 stone 11lbs. I want to tone up more than lose weight now, but i still have a few pounds to lose and am hoping that the plan i am on will do this for me, although i still have a few weaknesses i need to overcome, like the chocolate bars and pork and apple sasuage rolls.

I am on the one shake a day plan (forget what it is called as it's been so long since i was on cd) lol ermmmm what else, that's about it really.
sorry- just back from work. Agree with all sugggested; am on SS.....
Sorry, last year lost 4 ish stone, then off for 3 months and 10 pounds on :( Back on since mon and want to loose another 30 ish pounds (need to update ticker).
Nice to meet you all.
I`m 32, with 4 children, my weight started when giving up smoking with my 1st child and with each child i just got bigger.
My eldest is 14 and youngest is 4, will not be having any more though. I started my diet last year and got down from 15 stone to 12. Then 4 months ago i started again at 13.8 stone on Atkins and am now at a standstill weighing in at 11.12.
I`ve never tried anything like Cd before and am really excited about meeting my CDC on Mon.
I have my own cleaning business which keeps me really busy.
I also have put myself in for a 10k run in October, which i have started training for, i`m getting better having never really run in my life before.
My target weight was 10.4, as this is the lowest i ever remeber being, but i know i will want to get lower than this when i get there.
I will be weighing in on Mon Evenings

Can i just say well done on all the losses so far.


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Boo Hoo!!

Yes to the name - great idea...my attempt at a name was a very tired, hungry and headachy thought lol....

Well Im very sad :cry:...as I think i must be the biggest in the group... weighing in last Friday at 20st 12lb - so I could be in this team by myself by time i lose all that !.... you will all have to stay till i lost it all! lol

Anyway my story so far.... I am from wiltshire, Im 32, married for 7 years, I have 2 children 11 and 6 (boys) I work for a well known charity and I am also a full time student nurse! ..(got to have a nice skinny graduation picture!) - I have PCOS which combined with past pregnacy's have led to me wearing this fat suit! ...:(

My weigh in day will be Saturdays...my goal weight is 10st 10lb ...so you lot could be old and grey by time i get there!:p....oh and im ss-ing

Great idea's all of them - love the certifcate idea!!!

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