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F**ked Up!

TD, sorry to hear you lapsed.
Do you know the reasons why you ate something today? Might be worth chilling out and calming down about it, then thinking through the chain of events that led to you eating. Use it as a learning experience and then dust yourself off, and get back on track!
Thanks PB i think its just my boyfriends been pestering me and ive had a tough day and im just finding it difficult to get back on track, I hate it i feel so annoyed at myself all because ive been pissed off :(
food wont sort it out but my heads not accepting that!
sorry bad night :(
thanks for your support
TD - what goes through your mind when you go to eat something? What are you thinking about? Can you work out from those thoughts why you can't get started again?

(I don't mean this as anything but kind - but I trust your friends gave you a hard time in Poland? Is that what started it? That kind of help you don;t need. SOrry if I am wrong - I just feel for you, thats all - as I know you were being pressured. ANd now you are struggling for it. :()

Can you clear your head, adn refocus and then rather then "get back on track" - how about Start Over, with the same drive and committment. I think someone mentioned that ona nother thread, and it makes sense.

We see this time and time again - lapsing is just not worth it. :( I really hope you find a way to make it work foro you again. ANd when ou do - keep those blinders on!

You can do this - it is only down to you. ;)

Go for it TD - you can do it. :)


and rmeind yourself frequently - it IS only food, and it WILL be there again. Just not NOW> a mere temporary measure. :)
BL youve actually got me in tears you make so much sense, Poland was tough and the teachers and friends were very pushy telling me how stupid the plan was and then i ate and its spiralled! I need to re-focus myself and realise that this is for me!
Thankyou I just need to step back and realise why im doing this and who im doing this for, im not use to doing something for me and im scareed of changed, I guess i need to get some confidence and get on with this and realise its not that hard and its not forever!!
Thankyou so much
Rachiie -ox-


constantly confused
There's a dog training saying, 'it's not failure, it's information'.

So look at the whole situation, learn what triggered you and use that information to do it differently next time :hug99::gen126:
you need to refocus, dont worry you have eaten now but its not over and its not a disaster just remain positive and listen to the wonderful advice given by PB and BL.
come on TD, you can do this!!!

tomorrow is another day. Start afresh, forget the last week, imagine it's day 1 again.

its ONLY FOOD - it will still be there in 100 days, it WILL be worth it.

daisy x
Hey TD

Everyone here has given yougood advice.
Remember, YOU have the power and control to do it. It was only a short holiday. Maybe you had a good time, but you are surely paying the price for it now aren't you?
Try and get back into a routine now. You now know that going away is really risky for you during LL, so try not to have time out until you've got where you want with the weight loss.
Keep a low profile if other people try and influence you until you feel strong enough to stand up to them or just ask them to respect your decision and keep their opinions to themselves. Surely your OH wants you to be happy doesn't he, or is there a bit of anxiety there on his side?
Try and discuss in the group with your LLC.This situation is quite common and your experience will help others to deal with it.
Good luck. You can do it.:patback:
TD - You CAN do it. Day one = tomorrow = the first day of your steps to the new you.

Write down why you want to do this for YOU. Reread your foundation book and gather strength for the focus. Get some things for you to keep busy with in the evening so you don't think about food.

And GOOD LUCK! Be here tomorrow.:D


is loving CWP xx
Hi Rachiie,

I can totally sympathise with you. I feel so under pressure by my OH. He doesn't pressure me to eat or anything but he is making me feel rubbish because he is not coping well with cooking for himself. I know he wants me to do well and feel good about myself, but I know deep down he is scared that when I loose the weight I will leave him. I was a size 18-20 when we first met, I ballooned to a size 24 and am now back to 18-20. So I suppose the smaller I get now is like going into the unknown.

I just keep telling myself that I am doing it for me and no one else. Some of my work colleagues think that this diet is stupid and keep asking me if I am comatosed yet (they mean ketosis!!). But I am holding my head up high and ignoring it because I know how good i feel after loosing 18lbs so god knows how I will feel when i have lost the full 81lb that I want to loose.

I think you should try and put this lapse behind you and do it for you. Think of what you have lost already, 12lbs in the first week is amazing!! There will be alight at the end of the tunnel now whereas being overweight it was always black.

Sorry to ramble on. I hope you manage to sort things out. Keep us posted x x
OK TD - today is a bright new day, and I hope you slept well and are ready to take control of your own life and happiness!!

Stay really focused today, and keepyourself busy and distracted, and don't give into the calling of food - if you start to hear their annoying little voices, re-read your posts here about how upset you are for lapsing - and remember how bad you felt, and look the other way.

You can do it - and SexyBeks is right - you ladies are doing this for YOU. Don't let ANYONE get in the way of something your truly desire. You have god given rights to live as a healthy slim women, it's not just for other women - its for you two too. For anyone. So do not let anybody's thoughtless comments, or attitudes, etc., stop you.

So - today - you are back on, and ready to rock it, yeah???

C'mon TD!!! Put it all behind you, jump back on that pretty pony and keep on riding this ride until you can reach out and grab the gold ring. You CAN do this.



Making it all add up
Hey TD - I hope you're feeling more confident and focussed today. Like BL says, today's a new day, JDI.

Just a thought, if your 'friends' were giving you grief about LL, why not suggest one or two of your close friends register on here to find out the real story about VLCD from us?

If it doesn't change their minds it may at least help change their attitudes.
Just a thought, if your 'friends' were giving you grief about LL, why not suggest one or two of your close friends register on here to find out the real story about VLCD from us?

If it doesn't change their minds it may at least help change their attitudes.
That is a good idea Sean.

TD, I can't help but be a little angry at your friends. Are they at all aware what you are going through now, as a result of their pressure? I'd make sure they know, if it was me.



Guess who's back...?
Morning TD... I haven't been around and therefore haven't seen that you've been struggling until just now. Hope you are feeling a bit better today - new day, new start, new Rachiie!

I am on the DON'T LAPSE fence - purely because I know how hard it is to get back into abstinence - and that was after being on the programme for 4+ months and not really blinking... so to break it after just one week must have been a real soul destroyer and I'm sorry your time in Poland, and possibly the involvement of your friends, caused you to slip. Not easy.

The only advice I would give you is to start again - pretend you haven't even started yet... you had a few days 'practice' before your holiday, and today you start the programme proper... you mustn't think you are a failure - you were only in your practice mode anyway :p

As you probably know - my lapsing never stopped, and I am on LLL now - so please don't think I am being hypocritical... I just don't want you to end up going through the hell I've been through in the last month and a half... nip it in the bud NOW!

You can do this Rachiie - you are a strong, independent woman with all of us on your side... just give yourself a week - do full abstinance for just one week... the rest of it will take care of itself - you will be in the zone by then and the months will just roll on by. :)

Stay strong!!

A xx

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