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Fab SSing but i've had to eat....

I'm gutted. I've been SSing since Monday, totally focussed and positive but when i woke this morning i felt so sick. You know that feeling when you are so hungry that you want to be sick but theres nothing there. I was supposed to be at the dentist but couldnt even get out the car. Had to send OH and kids in without me.
I've had two slices of toast and two cups of tea :break_diet: and feel a bit better but i think i shall have to move up the plans. Even in ketosis and drinking extra water I am always really really hungry.
I feel totally cheesed off as i was doing well but its not worth feeling so rubbish for. Looks like its cottage cheese, turkey breast and green veg for the foreseeable future!
Best wishes
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Hope you feel better now. I had some toast this morning cause I felt sickly too. Best to find the CD level that you can work on and feel good. Frustrating though.
Thanks, hope you do too! I just want to get these last pounds off and be done with this once and for all. I really cant be shelling out all this cash and not seeing any difference.
Don't feel too disappointed - at least you've worked out what you need to do now. I'm on week 5 and have been up & down like a yo-yo, being 'good' one week, then 'bad' the next. It wasn't even 'real' hunger, but I couldn't get my head in the right place.

I've just decided to go for SS+ for a while - the loss may be slightly slower, but at least I'll still be losing (and this way I might preserve what's left of my sanity!)

Good luck xxx


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The loss doesn't seem to be that much different doing SS+ to SS. I have done SS+ since starting CD and lost about 1 stone a month. My problems started when I came off for a week holiday. I haven't realy been able to get back 100% since. I know exactly how you feel about getting on with it and losing the weight quickly and for good - I would be happy with another 1 1/2 to 2 stone off. I have lost 3 1/2 in total so I should be able to do this!!!
....and now i've just had a slice of cheese on toast and a wee piece of chocolate. Save me from myself someone!
I'm away to get on with some serious house work and i'm gonna have to glug the water like mad to shift this. I was so excited about my pee sticks turning pink a couple of days ago. What a numpty!
A wee jump from the wagon and then its so much higher when you try to get on again.


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi,I ate my bar within 15 mins of being up this morning as I felt sicky,it is horrible,maybe when youve moved up the plans a bit and are having food you will feel better,tomorrows another day,good luck
Thanks. I've just had a bit of homemade carrot cake with oozy butter icing so that will be another litre of water to get through before bedtime! My own fault i made the cakes just disappointed with myself after doing so well. But as we all say draw a line under it and tomorrow will be so much better.

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