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    Hello Guys n Girls.

    My plan was to start back today, but that has gone drastically wrong. Iv just started a new job, today and the first 4 days are training with buffet laid on, which I knew about, and whilst I wasn't going to start today, I was going to go to my first meeting and get my head in gear ready for next week. That's now gone belly up as training ran over and I couldn't get to group. Me and my partner have aslo had some upsetting news and his ex-partner is stopping him from seeing his son, so its back to court for us, only this time for his son and not mine. Needless to say with that looming over us and me starting a new job, we now have tight purse strings.

    Im not giving up before I start though, I am still going to join next Tuesday and take up the offer for the mthly subscription. Give me a chance to get a feel for things then go it alone. I know iv got my focused head on...again... but any advise on WW on a very tight budget will be greatly appreciated. I want to do it this time and I know staying to meetings every week is financially out of our reach as quite frankly not my cup of tea any way. So recipes tips and tricks on keeping naughty's to a minimum very much appreciated please.x
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  3. bessie84

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    big hugs, nothing like lifes **** ups to mess things up. get back on it when your ready, dont be too hard on yourself with so much going on, but also dont let it bring u down and affect your goals too.

    i do w/w on a budget, just the basics in life keep me happy, i go to iceland for weight watcher meals for when i cant plan meals (such as work ect) and when im in town, quid shop for soups and bars (as asda charge a bomb)

    buy a calculator, from group which converts things to pro-point values when u enter the nutritional values, i wouldnt be without mine. worth the money! and u can take it to supermarket and shock/surprise yourself with the points in things you crave/want to buy.

    ps: where in barnsley are you? x

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