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failed day 2!

Well dh's mate came round yesterday evening so when dh went to pick him up they stopped at burger king on the way back....and yes, you guessed it...a big burger and fries fell into my mouth!!! I am so annoyed with myself :(

Right so I need a kick up the bum to stay on track the rest of the week to counteract it.

I have had my shake this morning I am going to make some veggie soup to snack on today as it is so low calorie... I have found I struggle in the evening after all the kids are in bed so need something in reserve to munch.
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Don't worry Mel, it happens to us all, just put it behind you and be good from now on! :) We are only human!!:ashamed0005: Remember you can still have treats, but try and incorporate it into your daily allowance

I have decded not to beat myself up about it and have felt good today, could have done with the little'un not waking me up at 5.45!

I didnt have a snack this morning as we have been out getting the school shoes and last bits of uniforms BUT I did manage to resist both a mcdonalds brekkie (hubby had one) and krispy creme donuts (kids had them) so I am proud of myself and I have just had soup - 100cals so will save my shake for a bit.

How is everyone else doing today?
I have been forced to eat cake! My sister came round with some of her wedding cake. She got married on sunday and is due her first baby in four weeks. I couldnt not eat some with her, although I did pick a smaller piece lol, I am just going to have tuna salad for dinner.
Oh dear! Well, these things happen redmel! Unfortunately life isn't very good at being supportive of us by making all the burgers and cake in the world disappear! ;)

Never mind - when you fall off the wagon, just climb back on. I visualise myself standing on the scale and how happy I feel when it's moved down a bit, when I get tempted - maybe this will help?
Yes PP.

I had a gorgeous tuna salad and it was only around 180cals for the whole lot and it was massive! I also only had 1 snack so really that has about a 600cal leeway...I wouldnt normally do this but fingers crossed it balances out a bit.

Once I have got fully into the swing of things, and once the kids are back to school I will try to start upping my activity a bit too.
It's amazing how much nice and filling food we can actually eat isn't it! :) Makes it much easier and you don't feel like you're on some salady diet!
Last time I did slimfast I did find that making a variety of salads reslly helped with my losses. Today I have some mince to use up so will do mince mash gravy with veg.

I find it tricky doing a family meal when on slimfast. It is easy counting the calories for the whole thing but as we all have different sized portions it is hard to divide it up correctly!

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