Total Solution Failing on day 10

Discussion in 'Exante' started by luffers, 10 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. luffers

    luffers New Member

    Hallo, I've been on TS for 10 days now and I've got so run down and exhausted (not from the diet.. But life..) that I caved and ate 2x Atkins chocolate bars this evening. I don't even like them. But chose them as I thought they'd keep me in ketosis.. I feel like such a failure.. I know tomorrow will be another day and everything should be ok diet wise.. And I'll still be in ketosis but very disappointed in myself for letting the psychological warfare in my mind win over logical thought... Anyone else have days like this? Or eaten the Atkins bars? Have I screwed up? Wish I could take the day back and start again... :-( Sorry for rant!
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  3. Mamakash

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    Hey don't beat yourself up ! 2 Atkins bars won't harm you . Just draw a line and try again tomorrow. This is a very hard diet and all of us have bad days . Stay strong ! X
  4. luffers

    luffers New Member

    thank you!
    yesterday was a very hard day, thankfully i woke up full of energy again and determined to succeed!
    I'm just glad I'm over half way of TS.. only 10 days till i can start adding food! ;-)

    my plan is to hopefully:

    Ive currently got about 6 weeks worth of total solution, and i know after 3 weeks you have to have an extra 200cals for a week, but after that instead of going back to total solution, i was thinking about doing

    week 5 - add extra 600 cals (plus 3 shakes per day) protein only

    week 6 add extra 1000cals (plus 3 shakes per day) protein only
    week 6 add extra 1000cals (plus 2 shakes per day) mostly protein + few carbs
    week 7 1 shake for breakfast then 1200-1500 calls a day - protein and more carbs (come out of ketosis..)

    I've never done a diet like this before and have about 21lbs to lose.
    I've lost 8lbs in my 1st week and hopefully with the next 5-6 week I can lose about 10-14lbs
    this will make me roughly 7lbs under my target weight, so that i have 7lbs to put back on coming out of ketosis and eating more again + that water weight that everyone forgets about!!!
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