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  1. Now my baby is six (that's not weeks, not months but *years*) I have decided it is time to finally ditch the baby weight (3st 9lb) Had a great start to 2013 setting out to train for and run the Nice half marathon in April before my 40th in May which I did along with 2 other half marathons loosing 18lbs into the process and looking hot in my dress at my party. But then undid the lot with 6 months of shameless birthday celebrations... Generally my eating is pretty good - no subsequent exercise & champagne drip to blame...

    New Year new resolve! I have entered a sprint triathlon in June but before I get going on the training I want to nail target weight hence CD.

    Picked up my plan on 2nd Jan mix of chocolate, strawberry and banana ready to drink which I chucked in the fridge and started with shake 1 on 3rd. Choc lovely, strawb nice, nana ok.

    Husby has a bit to loose so he is joining me evenings & weekends which is a help esp.

    Starting weight 13st 9lb (consultants scales crueller than mine) Now on day 3 and so far finding it relatively easy. Mentally I am in the zone and not allowing myself to be distracted by anything. I refuse to fantasise about food, drool over other people's food or torturing myself with thoughts of cheating. Instead I am focusing on my goal, embracing the challenge, finding fun things to do other than sit watching other people eat / drink, delighting in my progress (4lbs down and counting) and treating myself to an expensive naked photo shoot on target.

    So if you are approaching this with the same single bloody minded focus and are determined to dig deep and stay positive through the journey (even the tough days - of which I am sure there will be a few) then I would love to do the ride with you!

    Michelle x
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  3. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    Hi Michelle this is def me too! I'm still cooking food for my hubby so finding that challenging but determined to stick to plan. I started 1 /Jan so early days for me. My scales are kinder than CDC `s. I've 4 stone (ish) to lose hopefully most by Easter. Best of luck hun xx
  4. Rozziebabe85

    Rozziebabe85 Full Member

    Good Luck!!! You can do it x

    Starting Weight: 188lbs.
  5. Oh go you! I have flipped the switch in my head and am not even thinking of food as food this side of my size 10 jeans being a bit too loose for me.

    Think you need to cut a deal with your husband that if he shops and cooks for himself until Easter you will give him an upgraded wife with a red hot body.... x
  6. Hi Rozzie,

    Are you SSing at the mo?

    I have Day 4 in the bag and am enjoying the whole thing.

    M x
  7. Rozziebabe85

    Rozziebabe85 Full Member

    I'm doing a mix of SS and SS+ when I get desperate. Just about to finish day 5. I'm in ketosis which is good. Had a cheeky look on the scales this morning and have lost 8 pounds already!!

    Starting Weight: 188lbs.
  8. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    I can't Michelle as he doesn't cook. I just have my soup in a bowl the same time he has his. He's given up drinking for a month so that's a help xx
  9. Oh well done you! Just starting my day 5 - scales pointing towards 7lbs (I say pointing - they are very flighty) which is encouraging. Onwards and downwards.... X
  10. Big help. Have you still got your SS wheels on then? M x
  11. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    I most certainly have. Am very positive at the moment. I really need to do this hun xx
  12. IrishLad92

    IrishLad92 Full Member

    Good luck!!
  13. First consultant weigh in at end of day 6 (to get meeting day to a Wednesday)

    1 inch all over 8lbs down *thrilled*.

    Bring it on.....


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