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Fainted!!! Help

Morning all,

Had a scary moment this morning ! Was in my bathroom as usual putting on my polyfiller (erm.. make-up) and felt suddenly sick to my stomach, head started buzzing and felt very dizzy... next thing I know I am waking up on the floor crushed between the basin and the bath and totally confused as to where I was. Took some time to piece together what had happened.

Still feeling a little shook up actually and wondered if anyone else has actually fainted on LL and did it happen again?

I figure it is probably a drop in blood pressure - but usually I only go dizzy (and it happens a lot) when i go from lying or sitting to standing up. In this case, i had been up and walking around for some time when this happened. All I can think of is that my hands were higher than my heart for a good while just before as I was putting my hair up and putting my make-up on. Other than that I am clueless as to what happened and more than a little freaked out about it.

Any help / advise would be appreciated. Had my blood pressure done a few weeks ago and it had come down from 145/99 to 118/83.

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Hi Chunky Chicken
Poor you.
I have also fainted on LL when I was about 7/8 wks into it. Middle of the night, got up to go to the loo and fainted, knocking myself out. Was concerned at the time just like you and phoned my LLC (but not the doctors as didn't want to be told to stop doing it!!) and she advised that I have the milk week earlier sooner rather than later which I did.
Good news is that it hasn't happened again and I have just finished my 100 days - I did and do have moments of lightheadedness/faintness but I do generally have low BP so have put it down to that as have had no other problems.
If I had fainted again though I would have gone to the doctors for a check up.
I hope you're alright now though and continue to be.


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scary stuff. hope u r feeling ok. i used to get like this with CD and I was always overheating my packs. could that possibly be something u do? i hope u r feeling ok xxx
Thanks so much Karen and Diana for your replies.

I am waiting to speak to my LLC when I get in - (not answering the phone at the moment as she must be in a class) I have been and had my BP checked and although it has dropped a little bit lower than last time - it is by no means low enough to cause a faint like that.

I have a feeling it may be that I drank too much water yesterday as I never keep track of it at the weekend. In the week I keep a post-it on my monitor and cross off how much I have drank. Yesterday though, when I think about it, I just kept refilling my 500ml bottle over and over and I have no idea how much I actually drank. Must keep a note on the fridge in future. I have heard that too much water can lower sodium and electrolytes which can cause fainting so cutting back today to 4 litres and see if this helps.

Thanks very much for your replies. I was scared this morning and it helps a lot to know you care

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I would watch your water, not so chunky it can cause what they term leeching of vits minerals etc if you overdo it. Also you had a massive weight loss last week , so you are obviously not in any danger of slowing down losses by sticking to the 4 litres for a wee while.
Hope you are Ok now.

Mrs Lard

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Hi Laura

Sorry to hear about your crash! Not good. I would get your blood pressure checked a few times; apparently, one reading isn't enough to get a true picture - different times of the day make a difference, too.

As you say, a combination of a big weight loss, too much water and probably the weather (it seems to responsible for so much right now, including weight gains by several of my group last week!), all contributed to you feeling faint.

Take care over the next few days.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxx

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