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Fainting and struggling


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Hello everyone,

I hope you're all doing well (better than me anyway)!

I started Sole Source beginning of February and apart from the occasional difficult day I would say I've been doing well and lost a lot.

So far so good but... end of last week I fainted when I was at a friend's place, I had been feeling very tired since end of May (I had a bad cold which I couldn't shrug off), I immediately regained consciousness once I hit the floor and my friend gave me some fruit juice and a piece of chocolate and that has triggered a 5 day binge :(

I took a lot of rest over the weekend and feel much better now and ready to start SS-ing again, I'm seeing my GP tomorrow morning to have a check up just to make sure nothing else is wrong.

However, I'm sure I regained a couple of pounds and feel really down about that. I started eating last Thursday and can't seem to stop myself now. On Sunday night I told myself to start SS again on Monday (yesterday) but I ended up having a sandwich and then I had sweets all afternoon. Same story today, I lasted until 4pm and then I had 3 kitkats.

I have my weigh in tonight so I'm hoping I can discuss it to my CDC (she's very good) and draw a line under it. I just feel disappointed in myself as I thought I had my eating under control and that is obviously not the case.

Anyone been in a similar situation? How did you manage to get back on SS? I still want to lose another 2 to 3 stone before moving to 810 kcal. I really want to start SS tomorrow again as I feel it gives me control and takes the choice away which is what I need. Any tips on getting back on it? I know it was only a couple of days but I feel so out of control and I'm scared I'll never be able to get back on it. Don't know what's going on :sigh:

Agnes x
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No one?


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Hi Agnes! I've had something similar recently , I've been fine on SS and then for most of last week i started suffering from severe dizzy spells! It was horrible! I had the opposite to you though and at the weekend i was really sick to the point where i couldn't keep anything down not even the shakes and now i'm struggling to get back to having them again. And i was meant to be moving up to the 810 plan as of last Friday. I'm worried now that my weigh in will be affected due to not having the shakes etc. I think it is just a matter of drawing a line under it and focusing back on the routine of shakes etc. Maybe you just need more distractions in the evenings if that is when you sem to struggle, write a book or browse the net (i find the addicting games website makes hours fly by lol!). Any ways i hope you get back to plan soon hun and i'm sure you haven't done too much damage and even if there is a gain with CD it doesn't take long to lose it so chin up! xx


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Thanks 212 degrees, yes, you're right about drawing a line under it. Today feels like the first day of the rest of the diet for me, I am going back to basics and I can feel I have my motivation + focus back. If I could do this before I can do it again. I felt a bit desperate and out of control yesterday but sometimes you just have to pick yourself up I guess (I put on a good couple of pounds but hopefully they'll be gone again by next week). I also felt let down by my body, I could understand not feeling well if my BMI was nearing 25 and I was still doing sole source but it's still above 30. Anyway, no one said this journey would always be easy, I just have to carry on now!

Hope you are feeling ok! Did you manage to have all your shakes again?

Thanks for your support, really appreciate it!

Agnes x


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My body lets me down on SS. I just can't do it despite 4 attempts. Not even SS+ because at 5ft9 SS+ is only 60 odd calories more than S for me as I would have to have 4 packs. This time I've started on 810.

I get severe dizzy spells all the time on SS. Feel unsafe to drive etc.

Hope you have managed to get your head in the right place again today and get back on plan. Hope you feel better and don't get any more dizzy spells like that again as I know from experience that they are horrible.



112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Yesterday was better i had 2 shakes and a bar and a mushroom omelette and haven't felt dizzy yet so i think it was probably a combination of a tummy bug and my body needing to go up to 810 so fingers crossed it lasts!

Don't worry about the weigh in it'll soon drop off again and anyways your health is more important - it's part of the reason your losing weight! If your body needed food for a couple of days then that's what you have to do! You may not have made wise choices but then on a diet this strict and going so long without food i think even the strongest person would have a moment of weakness and have something they shouldn't - we're still human! Glad you have your focus back, it's easy to lose but can take a while to come back. You know this diet works and you will acheive your goal! :)
maybe sometimes we just need to 'feast' a little to show us what we really want. If we feel guilty after the food then that surely is a good sign that weight loss is still important to us.

As for fainting ... that is awful .. maybe you could split your shakes into more than 3 or eat some of the allowed foor every couple of hours. Could just be one of those things ..what ever it was I hope you dont have to go through that again. good luck at DRs


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Thanks everyone for your replies. I saw my GP this morning (not the one who signed off my forms before I started) and was expecting a lecture on VLCDs but instead he congratulated me on my weight loss so far but told me to be careful now. My blood pressure is fine but he is sending me off for blood tests as he thinks I'm anaemic (which would explain why I'm so pale and tired).

Yesterday I was 100% sole source but today I had a ham sandwich and some pistachio nuts so I've decided to take my CDC's (and doctor's advice) and move up to 810 cals rather than desperately trying to do SS and then binge on chocolate and all kinds of crappy food.

I'm not sure if this is the end of SS for me or if I will return once I have my strenght back, I always thought SS was my only option as I love the control and structure it gives me but there's no point in doing it if my body doesn't agree! I'm determined to follow 810 to the letter though, so no more nuts and sandwiches but salads and chicken from now on.

Love, A xx


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
good for you to make the decision to still stick to CD. I have friends who just give up completely. Hope this helps and you feel better soon hun. I've been anaemic for a long time and have to take iron supplements but find as long as you listen to your body it works out.


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Aw thanks 212 degrees (and well done on your losses so far, you're almost at goal!). I hope I quickly feel better once I start taking iron supplements. CD is definitely the way forward for me so I'm not giving up now, just taking it slightly easier. x
Hope you`re soon feeling better x

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