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Discover Fairycakes diary - Countdown to the wedding :) ♥

So i've finally woken up and realised my wedding is nearly 11 months away and i'm at the biggest i've ever been, :'o( I want to my wedding dress to look perfect so I'm trying everything I can to help me with this!! I've done weightwatchers before but didnt really have an incentive, now I have i'm hoping i will stick at it! I'm not going to classess and i'm doing the discover plan! any helpful tips would be fab!! never done a diary before so i'm hoping this will help!:)

Points allowed - 22

Breakfast: None slept in too late!

Lunch - WW meal(4.5)

Tea: Lighter choices oven chips, chicken dippers and tommy k (8.5) - i am right in thinking if i double the portion of chips, i just double the amount of points? 4 chips werent enough and i had to bulk my points up - so i had 250g instead of 125g!

Snacks - Caramel shortcake (2.5) pink and white (0.5), a celebration (1)

4 left so far, im really hungry so i might have a sneaky crumpet with a little butter (1.5) and a cup of tea whilst watching the soaps! :)
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Hey! It depends when doubling the points - because they are totalled in a certain way, you could have 2pts for a piece of bread but if you had two bits it may be 5pts. I would check with the calculator - either online or pocket-sized if you have one - if not, there are some on the internet which work just as well.


Just popped by to say Hi!! Congrats on the wedding! My motivation is also a wedding, sadly not my own, but BIL's. Am determined not to ruin the family photos with my fat arse!!

Good Luck!!

Hi I am counting down to my wedding too!

Its in 6 months and though I've been planning for ages I haven't got myself in gear yet so me and my partner are going to have an extremely exercise based 6 months!! :)

You have inspired me to put my food diary up on here though so I will have to do that tonight - am I bit worried I will find out I have been working points out all wrong as I haven't joined a group and am using my Grandma's old books, oh well anything has got to be better than the large amounts of chocolate I ate previously!!! :)
Yay for all the weddings, love it ♥ - eek excercise :eek: thats exactly why im starting my diet now.. so i dont have to do too much excercise! :p lazy bum me, although i am starting to do some when I actually have any energy left from work! I'm refusing to look for my wedding dress until I've lost my first stone and a half - its kicked me into gear and kept me away from KFC tonight!!

Anyways.. today I have been starving, I'm fidning it i'm not eating much during the day so when it comes to tea time i'm ready for lots of naughty food I need to start being healthier, running my junk food down in the cupboards and freezer first! Today I had..

Breakfast - (really struggle with breakfast because I HATE it..slowly breaking my way into it) Clementine - (0.5)

Lunch - 2 Crumpets & butter (2.5pts)

Tea - Lasagne & chips & salad - (11)

Snacks - Caramel shortcake (2.5) Lots of coffee's [i've pointed them as 0.5 each, I have no sugar and semi skimmed milk hope this is right!!] (2) Pink & White (0.5) Celebrations (2.5)

Going bridesmaid dress shopping tomorrow, yawn.. blah for skinny bridesmaids!
hey, sounds like a good start! Just a word on coffee - if you measure out your milk at the start of the day and gauge how much is there, you can allocate for it with your drinks and not have to worry about pointing each cup of coffee - because unless you are drinking a lot of milk with your coffee i doubt they are 0.5pt each :) Just a tip xxx
Good luck with the bridesmaid dress shopping - I did that just before Christmas! It was actually a really fun day - I have two adult bridesmaids both significantly more fashion savvy than me so I pointed out the one I liked and left them to it. Luckily they liked it too, though at the moment they are going barefoot......

I know what you mean about the end of the day - I was watching Silent Witness last night and craving sticky toffee pudding! Going to try and save some points for the weekend so I can have a little bit if I want! :-D Also I agree with missybct, I point all my milk for my tea at once (1point of skimmed for the day) then I can just drink tea to my heart's content!
Well.. bridesmaid shopping turned bride shopping, the lady in one of the shops was absoloutely adoreable and convinced me that I should put myself first and not be worried about my weight, she said the style of dress I want (bigggg princess style) will only look better if I lost weight and losing weight wouldnt make it look silly! .. she caught me staring at the most expensive one in the shop and i've booked an appointment on saturday to get trying on, im kinda looking forward to it but i'm soooo concious :( just wanted to lose a bit more before i started! :cry:

Thanks for the tip about the milk, defo gonna try that - it'll be hard when I'm at work, we have a tea fund and we all share the milk, i dont want to be measuring lots out if i'm not going to drink it mmm.. we shall see, but will defo do it at home, i love my cosy night cup of tea's! :)

Last night I was sooooo close to giving up, I was sooo hungry and had no points left, I know I could borrow but I would just be in the same boat today! :( I really want this to work & I hope it gets easier as I get used to it.. Gonna start looking for free soup recipes and things just to try and cut down on some points at lunches so I have more for times like last night

Anyways.. Yesterday

Breakfast: None because it was my day off.. lay in :cool:

Lunch - Jacket potato, chicken dippers and beans - (8.5)

Tea: Mushroom stir fry mixed in with a healthy living chicken in sweet and sour meal.. yummm, i didn't know how this would turn out and it was lush!! - (7.5)

Snacks: 2 x Cuppa Tea's - (1) / Quality street - (1)/ Caramel Shortcake - (2.5) / 2 x Celebrations - (1) / Pink & White (0.5)

Hope today goes better, looking at what I'm eating I'm eating more than I ever did, I used to skip breakfast and dinner and only eat tea.. a very big tea so I dont know why I'm so hungry!!! ♥ xx
I'm sure you'll really enjoy it when you go and I'm sure you'll look amazing! I'm going for a first fit of my dress next weekend so I'm just hoping it still fits! Eek!

I'm a big fan on the zero point soup - left over veggies at the end of the week, add stock, boil, blend, bob's your Uncle!

Although this weeks is a 1 pointer because I have loads of parsnips left!

Your dinner sounds yummy, will have to try that!
Helllo! Just wanted to welcome you to WW discover!
I used to WW and lost a stone - but stopped and put it all back on! Nightmare!
I am going to stick to it now - and get right down to my goal weight of 10-10 and half stone. Depends where I feel comfortable!

Discover begins to get easier as time goes on - I too used to not eat breakfast and eat lots at night. So I tried having really low point breakfast - and a bigger meal at night. Also what I find has helped me - is WW yoghurts ... some are 0.5 points per pot and they are delish! Lovely to have later on in the evening. Or a piece of WW toast (0.5 points per piece!) ... get some I cant believe its not butter light aswell - its amazing!

Good luck - if you need any help find my diary! :) xx
I'm sooo mad with myself, I am not even going to tell you what I ate yesterday. :(

Anyways, today i'm back on track & food shopping tonight so I'm going to be a bit more adventorous and find some low point foods,

So far my day has been like this :)

Breakfast - Banana (2)

Lunch - Been very busy so didnt get out and didnt make pack up :( been snacking through the day..

Snacks - Clemintine (0.5), Pink & white (0.5), Shortcake (2.5), Coffee 0.5, Mullerlight (1.5 - is that right???)

mmmmm think i can hav a yummy tea tonight hehe
Don't worry about Thursday! Sounds like you got right back on track :) Hope you found something yummy for tea - any good finds on your adventurous shop?

Have a lovely weekend xx
Eeeek im so excited, i found my wedding dress.. it is the most gorge little .. welll HUUUUUGE thing ever! hehe its so perfect, a real princess dress like i've always imagined. Most expensive one in the shop but it was just me so I had to have it!!! :D I was so nervous before I went because I really wanted to lose some weight, but every single dress pulled me in so gorgeously, i actually want to stay the way I am but just lose weight on my arms, lol if only we could target where we want it off :( :( It was such a lovely experience yay! now i just have to wait 11 long months :(

Anyways.. yesterday i had..

Breakfast: Satsuma (0.5)

Lunch - Spag bol (5)

Tea: Fishcakes and chips (9pts) with a bit of tommy k (0.5) & a strawberry cheescake for desert (3)

Snacks: Cup of teas (1), Pink & White (0.5), Quality Street (1)

Total: 20.5

Does anyone know how many points are in Hellmans light mayo? trying to find it everywhere but cant :( im trying to point up a prawn sandwich for work tomorrow!
Yay!! That's so exciting :D I'm really pleased you found your dress!! Thats ace!

I'm going to see mine for the first time since I ordered it a year ago on Saturday - can't wait!!! Isn't weird how when you try it on and you just 'know' its your dress!!

And the light mayo - one point for a tablespoon according to my ww book. Hope that helps!
Thank you :) i can make my prawn sandwich now hehe.. Well.. i weighed myself 2 days early because I dont think im going to get chance this week, plus its heading towards time of the month so I didnt want to be dissapointed .. i've lost 3lbs yay! and really with my take away i had on Thursday im so chuffed with it, im feeling loads better already, its amazing the difference 3lbs makes! :) even if it is psychological! hehe ♥ ♥
Today I've gone a little bit over but i carried 1.5 pts across so I'm even thank goodness :)

Breakfast - Nothing.. got up to late
Lunch - WW meal (4pts)
Tea: Chicken breast (3.5) 200g Roasties (3.5) Mash (3.5) Yorkshire pud (1) Carrots (1) Broccoli, Cauliflower & sprouts & gracy (1.5)

Snacks - Cuppa tea's (2) & a cheescake (3)

Total - 23pts! Woopsies

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