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Faith, Hope & Determination

Day 2 - It has been 6 years since I lost 7 stone on this diet and I was SO focused then. I think I had two planned breaks in the whole 10 months it took me to lose the weight and even then I couldn't wait to get back "on the packs" and lose, lose, lose. I loved the freedom of not thinking about food for me and I cooked and baked all the way through the diet without a problem, in fact I became a bit of a feeder. It was so liberating and I really, really thought it was the end of my bad relationship with food. I fell pregnant (planned) in 2006 and that is where I started to lose focus. I did eat really well and healthily all through my pregnancy, no junk food, alcohol etc. However I didn't monitor quantity and by the time Lois was born I was size 18 again. Since then I have not stopped eating and binging and have ended up at 17st 8 pound, 6 pound more than when I started LT all those years ago. I have re-started countless times in this period and crashed and burned spectacularly after a few days, sometimes a few hours. I just can't get my head straight and wonder why I was so driven the first time and how can I get that back, it was almost easy the first time! Now SUCH a struggle. Last time I used to read/posts on another forum (discovery health?)which I can't seem to find now and I am hoping if I write this down in black and white I will find focus and inspiration from others.
Already after reading this post back I realise maybe I am too hung up on my past success and need to just focus on the here and now, so helping me already:eek:
Here is hoping I will be posting again soon and not just a one thread type of girl,fingers crossed for me.
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Day 3- Still here.......! Hello! Had a really tough day and have been counting the hours, but I made it. But now Friday is looming and that usually means a bottle of red. Got to keep busy tomorrow night, maybe attack that ironing pile, clean the oven.....decisions, decsions.....:eek:


Love God; Love People
Hello Carol, I'm a returner too and on day 2. I was mega focused 1st time round in 2008. After that I've made a few short attempts and have not pushed through. What's made me determined this time is that I not only don't want to be overweight but I haven't found any other diet that works for me and I have a wardrobe full of clothes I can't wear at present due to overeating...
I think without determination it is really hard if not impossible to do this. Make your mind up, find your reasons and go for it. I am motivated on by my current understanding that I honour God by taking proper care of my body; and fitting comfortably in my preferred clothes size is just something to I so look forward to!
Go for it; you can do it!
Hi Carol and welcome back x I know exactly where you are coming from honey, and only you can "do" this, but it has to be for the right reasons and you really have to want to do it again. It is not the same as the first time, the "golden" time, but I think once you reach the "end" and want to do it, rather than feel you "have" to do it, then you will succeed. Well done on getting back on track x


Love God; Love People
Well spoken Eclipse!

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